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  • It's deep
    Ingrid interviews on attraction and connection
    Ingrid Chavez, now deep into the second half of the Black Eskimo album including new videos, continues the interview here in intriguingly discussing the remarkable musical chemistry she and Marco bring together in connecting Black Eskimo's...
  • Deep new music from Black Eskimo
    Ingrid Chavez dives deep in insightful interview on new EP
    The new EP "Deep" release from Black Eskimo, aninstant classic collaboration of Ingrid Chavez and Marco Valentin, is now available. Here, the inspirational artist Ingrid dives right into this interview regarding the fascinating creative...
  • monitors
    'We wish you to know that your emails are being observed. Thank you'
    On February 28th The Connecticut legislature conducted a hearing concerning a bill pertaining to coastal management. Nothing about the hearing was newsworthy. It was another day at the capital with legislatures having a meeting about a lengthy...
  • Patch is needed
    Mending hearts; healing from deep within
    The picture feature is of a liner underneath a beach area meant to keep runoff water from above go under it, hence keeping less sand loss into the nearby waterfront. An accidental tear developed and needed to be patched. Digging ensued to see the...
  • Animal cruelty charges levied on New Hartford hunter in cruel death of deer
    Animal cruelty charges levied on New Hartford hunter in cruel death of deer
    New Hartford, Connecticut - The Department of Energy Environmental Protection (DEEP) and Environmental Conservation Police (EnCon Police) have charged local hunter Andrew Piana with illegally killing a whitetail deer, failure to report a deer kill...
  • Dancing DEEP at Vanguard
    Dancing DEEP at Vanguard
    DEEP, LA's premiere home for house and soulful electronic music for over 12 years, presents Dance Ritual Gets DEEP: A Meeting of the Tribes, on Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 9:00pm to 4:00am, at the Vanguard in Hollywood. Dance Ritual Gets...
  • Honeysuckle
    Think pink: Pantone crowns ‘Honeysuckle’ color of the year
    Get ready to be in the pink, because the blushing hue is taking center stage in the worlds of fashion and design. The Pantone Color Institute has named Honeysuckle (Pantone 18-2120) its 2011 color of the year.Honeysuckle is a climbing vine or...
  • A bomb piece by Brisk blasting vibrant color along a dusty railroad track near Garfield Park.
    Graffiti gallery at Garfield Park
    Graffiti artists from all over the city of Indianapolis have flocked to Garfield Park, on the near south side, for many years to showcase their skill and daring. At the corner of Shelby and Beecher Streets, wherea railroad trestle straddles the...
  • Just south of the intersection of Southeastern and Washington Streets.
    Deep graffiti tags in Indianapolis
    A train whistle bellows in the distance. Two hoodie-clad shadows bustle to and fro beneath the dilapidated concrete bridge, just east of downtown Indianapolis. In the discretion of darkness, the fitful hissing of aerosol paint cans is the only...
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