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  • Wendy Wilson
    A conversation with Wendy Wilson of Wilson Phillips
    Wilson Phillips will be performing August 17th and 18th in San Diego California. Wendy Wilson graciously took the time to answer questions about the groups latest release, Dedicated, the ever evolving dynamics of the group and why love is really...
  • Wilson Phillips
    Interview: Wilson Phillips' Reality on Fitness, Family and Touring
    Wilson Phillips has reemerged on reality TV. Chynna Phillips and sisters Carnie and Wendy Wilson are revealing the rigors of being on the road, staying fit and getting along for their TV Guide Network show, “Still Holding On.” Though...
  • Chef Michael's Mother
    Honoring Lois Boyce (O'Neal) and her signature dessert
    As Chef Michael stepped into the test kitchen today, trying out new recipes and idea's, he couldn't shake the idea that it was his Mothers Birthday. He has had a very busy day reviewing a new hot sauce and incorporating new ideas and...
  • Dedicated
    Steve Cropper to appear at the Grammy Museum on October 25
    Steve Cropper, the Grammy-nominated, Rock Hall of Fame guitarist who has played with Booker T. and the MG's as well as Otis Redding and Carla Thomas during the Stax era, will appear Tuesday at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles for a discussion...
  • Queensrÿche - Dedicated to Chaos
    Queensrÿche's Upcoming Album: Will it fly or will it flop?
    Queensrÿche is an infamous name in the heavy metal community these days, it seems. And it's easy to see why. Ever since Chris DeGarmo left the group after their "Hear in the Now Frontier" album (and after his reunion with the group...
  • No Dedicated Servers for Black Ops Multiplayer = Ridiculous
    No Dedicated Servers for Black Ops Multiplayer = Ridiculous
    Picture this; you're in a match where you or your team is decimating the competition. Bullets are flying and bodies are dropping, but somehow you remain standing and rack up more points than any others. Suddenly the game ends prematurely and...