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  • Social media etiquette
    Social Media etiquette: Anonymously crossing the common decency and respect line
    When you post in a chat room, tweet on twitter, post to a forum, and comment on an article you are giving your opinions behind a veil of an anonymous poster. No one knows who you are or possibly why you are harboring so much animosity toward a...
  • Basic Rules for Life
    Basic Rules for Life
    Many folks today have gotten away from common courtesy and thinking about treating others (and their property) with dignity and respect. There was a time when we were more mindful of how we treated our neighbors, other drivers, people in stores,...
  • Goodbye Modesty
    Modesty, Apathy, Facebook
    There are a number of concerns with our obsession with social networks, including the fact that today's parents have no problem with their under-aged children lying to get a user account.Others have their home addresses, personal numbers and...
  • Hit car
    Hit-and-Runs: The Decline of Decency
    Within one day, two stories made the local news about cars hitting people and fleeing the scene. One story was horrible news because a 68-year-old man was hit three times by three different cars before dying. It was reported that the first driver...
  • Time to get Facebook out of my life
    A quarter of a century late, Big Brother has arrived, and his name is Facebook
    I’ve been given three good reasons this week to get rid of my Facebook account, and for once in my life I’m going to follow the advice. Should you? What three reasons? First, the “koobface virus.” Koobface has been around...
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