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Flagship demolition: Dangerously devastating our ocean
It was difficult enough for local ocean goers to swallow the fact that Flagship needed to be torn down to make room for Pleasure Pier. But as early as Friday afternoon and well into Monday, February 28, 2011, another sort...
La Junta Colorado Extreme Hail Storm Video
A tornado warned supercell thunderstorm hit the area around La Junta, Colorado on Friday night and dropped some extreme hail on livestock and residents.The video opens up with a wall cloud from a high based thunderstorm showing rotation and...
05/24/2010 Bison, SD Wedge Tornado
BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was chasing a large cone & wedge tornado along SD-73 southeast of Bison, South Dakota as it moved north/northwest. Video package opens with a handheld shot of the large wedge tornado looking to...
Storms threaten tornadoes and hail but deliver rain
Town sirens sounded before 8:00 pm in Burns Flat.Emergency vehicles had exited the community only minutes earlier.Spotters in the area were faced with difficult visibility conditions as they tried to determine the extent and volatility...
Passaic River still surges over the Great Falls
Flood run off strains the Great Falls Dave Pardee Paterson – The Passaic River continued to surge over the Great Falls at Paterson today. Current USGS data reports the river flow to be over 7,000 cubic feet per second...


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