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  • Throwback Thursday: Black comics that changed the face of daytime television
    Throwback Thursday: Black comics that changed the face of daytime television
    These black comics changed the face of daytime television adding more flavor to this genre. Unlike their more serious counterparts, they infuse humor into their platform. As a consequence, they both educate and entertain their fans.
  • Barbara Walters' last "View"
    Baba says bye-bye to 'The View'
    One of television’s most iconic personalities said goodbye to the small screen today, as Barbara Walters’ final episode of “The View” aired this morning amid a flurry of celebration and well wishes. Walters announced her...
  • What If Spielberg Produced Soap Operas?
    What If Spielberg Produced Soap Operas?
    While such a question does sound beyond awkward and possibly no one ever could imagine him doing this, he has indeed produced many facets of television, despite being mostly known as a legendary filmmaker. Yet Spielberg has managed to produce...
  • Kentucky Derby - Mallory Hagan
    How to look your best at the Kentucky Derby
    The challenge of successfully balancing a 'say something' hat and a formal daytime makeup is an annual dilemma for those attending the Kentucky Derby. While tradition calls for a wide-brimmed sun hat, the increased coverage by media...
  • Steve Harvey
    The Steve Harvey Show presents his sexiest episode
    The Steve Harvey Show celebrated the sexy edition of his show today. The segment of Ask Steve, became the entire program as Steve answered questions and had the audience and fans rolling in the aisles laughing. He is the breath of fresh air from a...
  • Anderson Cooper
    Anderson Cooper confirms cancellation of daytime talk show 'Anderson Live'
    Anderson Cooper is "sorry" to see his daytime talk "Anderson Live"come to an end.Confirming the show's cancellation Monday, Cooper is proud of what was accomplished and looks forward to ending the second season on a high...
  • Queen Latifah talks daytime talk show
    Queen Latifah looks forward to 'positive, fun' daytime talk show
    Queen Latifah has "big" plans for her forthcoming daytime talk show."It will be positive. It will be fun, entertaining, musical... all of that good stuff," Latifah said Wednesday. "It's going to be me so, you know it&...
  • Victoria Lord
    Kisses, hugs, and awkward moments - OLTL in review, November 28 - December 2
    Best Scene This Week:Monday's tear-jerking scene in the Evans home that showcased Vivian's awkwardness followed by Phylicia's Thanksgiving dessert prayer overlapped Matthew flat-lining in the hospital while Phylicia specifically asked...
  • Queen Latifah
    Queen Latifah covers talk show, Oprah in December Essence
    Queen Latifah opens up about her forthcoming daytime talk show, taking on the likes of Wendy Williams and Oprah Winfrey in the December issue of Essence. Addressing comparisons to Oprah, Latifah tells Essence "I'll be the next me" in...
  • Bo leaves his office.
    Gratitude and hope - OLTL in review, November 21 - 23
    Best Scene This Week:Viki’s Thanksgiving speech made us feel as if we were right at home in Llanfair. She made sure to mention the family members who were not present (though somehow excluding Zane) and even the like-a-family members...
  • Destiny and Matthew
    Play it close to the chest - OLTL in review, May 16 - 20
    Episode of the Week:Thursday.John briefed the police at the hospital on the Marty situation. One of them asked about the rewards hotline. John said he had not heard about one."Wes" ran into Marty at the Minuteman Motel as Marty left to...
  • Bloody handprint - One Life to Live
    It's about time - OLTL in review, May 9 -13
    Episode of the Week:Wednesday was the best episode thanks to a great lead-in on Tuesday and the way it set us up for more action to come on Thursday and Friday.Some highlights of Tuesday's episode included Cutter laying all his cards on the...
  • David seeks revenge on Clint.
    True natures - OLTL in review, March 21 - 25
    The most intriguing moments this week were spread throughout the days like perfectly placed peanut butter, so for once, I'm going to let you choose which episode was best.Monday:• Rama moved in to the Buchanan mansion and Joey finally...
  • Tess and Ford
    Is anyone ever truly happy? - OLTL in review, February 28 - March 4
    Episode of the Week: Tuesday/Wednesday.Tuesday and Wednesday gave us so much food for thought. They could almost be considered a "two-part episode."On Tuesday, Rex and Gigi were asking themselves if they were bad parents because of Shane...
  • Robin Strasser/Dorian Lord
    Who is Dorian? A character analysis
    For many people, Dorian Cramer Lord is the anti-hero, antagonist, or even the villain, of Llanview and One Life to Live.The hero, you see, always makes the right decisions, sets a shining example, upholds the law, shows astounding bravery in the...
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