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Best deals of the day during Cyber Monday Week

December 5, 2013
Best deals of the day during Cyber Monday Week keep coming as e-tailers continue to keep the deals coming, according to a Dec. 4 report in “PCWorld”.According to “PCWorld”, some of the best deals...

In the beginning : The days of Genesis

September 16, 2013
The Genesis account gives us an accurate truthful account of the Creation, that is denied by scoffers in these last days. The First Book of Moses called Genesis is a book of beginnings. It is a Book that gives the...

Xbox One launch titles announced

August 21, 2013
From Gamescom 2013 in Germany, Microsoft just announced the launch lineup for Xbox One when it releases sometime this holiday season. There are a few exclusives in this list, as well as some surprises.Click on each game's...

The best Mother's Day videos

May 12, 2013
The short, inspiring videos for Mother's Day below are guaranteed to touch your heart. Let us give thanks to all of our wonderful mothers for giving birth to us. And thanks, too, to our Mother Earth for giving...