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  • DAS
    AT&T upgrades boost network performance at Miami’s Pro Baseball Park
    In support of the Miami baseball fans heading out to the field to cheer on their favorite team, AT&T has added more capacity to its network at Miami’s professional baseball park by upgrading its equipment on the park’s Distributed...
  • Dogs killed by Dallas Animal Services
    Dallas Animal Services kills rescued dogs they promised to keep safe
    Four Dallas dogs were rescued from a hoarding situation recently, having apparently lived their entire lives in cages. The dogs were turned over to Dallas Animal Services (DAS) by rescuers on December 30, after assurances by DAS that the Aussie...
  • Data Usage NBA playoffs
    Miami data usage at the NBA playoffs
    Miami’s Heat may not have won the playoffs, but when it came to data usage at the games it was a slam dunk for Miami fans!Fans flooded the stands with their smartphones in hand to take in the grand finale of this year’s basketball...
  • Pooh
    New perks at Disney Parks will help ASD kids
    Maybe you heard about the rumor that Disney now hates disabled people and is getting rid of the program. This is obviously not true on either part of those statements. I would say some of the information being passed around is more misleading than...
  • Noah scientist at Disney
    Tips for traveling to Disney with a child on the autism spectrum
    Many of you have probably heard that Disney has made changes to their accessibility program. It is now called DAS (Disability Assistance Card), as opposed to Guest Assistance Card or Mobility Pass. The main change is the guest who needs the card...
  • Noah getting the sword from the stone
    The changes to the Disney Accessibility program for people with Autism
    Widespread panic gripped the internet recently upon the notification that Disney may be ending their special needs accessibility program. And like most widespread panics it came due to misinformation and anxiety.Even though it is completely...
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