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DARPA Articles - Page 2

Amateur astronomers needed to track space trash

November 15, 2012
There is 1,200 active satellites in space providing services for phones, television, weather, the internet and navigational assistance, but did you know that there is more than 500,000 pieces of hazardous space debris that have the potential of...

Anticipating Plan X, DARPA's cyberwarfare solution

October 21, 2012
Within the next thirty days, DARPA intends to release a broad agency announcement (BAA) through regarding the Plan X cyber-warfare solutions strategy. On the 15th and 16th of October (2012) more than 350 cyber researchers, human-machine...

DARPA wants to see through clouds

May 1, 2012
Many of us have been there we are driving in the fog and it get so thick that you can hardly even see out of your windshield. On days like that you probably wish there was something you could...

DARPA video shows off stair-climbing robot

April 15, 2012
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) continues its experiments in robotics, as robots seem to have a bright future in combat. Last month, a robotic "cheetah" set a new record for robotic speed, nearly 1/3 faster...

Contact lens of the future may be here

April 14, 2012
Science fiction movies have long shown us futuristic example of augmented reality without the use of a handheld device. Arnold Schwarzenegger sported a heads-up display as a cyborg in the Terminator series, but that may not be too far...

British woman wants hand amputated in favor of bionic limb

March 19, 2012
Nicola Wilding, a 35-year-old housewife from Surrey, England whose right hand was paralyzed thirteen years ago from nerve injuries sustained in an automobile accident is trying to have her hand amputated and replaced with a bionic prosthetic limb...

DARPA LS3 4 Legged Squad Support System is Creepy

February 7, 2012
Rochester, NY ( Peter H. Scrooby ) - DARPA has released video of the LS3 Legged Squad Support System. The four legged mule-bot has the looks of something from another planet or the future.The LS3 is designed to travel the same...