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  • Learning to control a movement is essential for precise execution
    Make It happen, Don't just let It happen: How to be and stay in control
    Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it. Isaac Newton's First Law of Motion translated from the Principia, Latin for...
  • Aussie dancer Emily Yuen
    Globe trotting dancer and fashion enthusiast Emily Yuen
    From the beautiful shores of Australia, dancer and fashion stylist Emily Yuen, shares her experiences and plans for her future in the US. Here is what she had to say:Please introduce yourself to the readers:Hi! My name is Emily Yuen and I am a...
  • Dancer Taylor Reardigan
    Q&A With Irish Dancer Taylor Reardigan
    From the fancy beauty pageant-esque hair and extravagant dresses to the rapid moving feet of dancers across the stage, Irish Dance is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerizing dance styles in the way of performance art. I recently had the...
  • Kelsey Oluk
    Talented Actress and Dancer Kelsey Oluk
    Known for her work as both an actress and a dancer, Canadian beauty Kelsey Oluk is an extraordinarily talented performer whose skills make her one of the most sought after talents in Canada. Over the years Oluk has amassed an impressive repertoire...
  • Through the Wire with Supreme Dancer Reshmi Chetram
    Through the Wire with Supreme Dancer Reshmi Chetram
    Reshmi Chetram,a Toronto-based classical Indian dancer, is being recognized as an emerging artist and choreographer in the dance industry. She is the founder of BollyFuze Corp., an innovative Bollywood dance fitness company that fuses together...
  • Britney Spears sued for breaking backup dancers nose
    Dancer suing pop sensation Britney Spears for breaking her nose
    Backup dancer Dawn Noel is getting her fifteen minutes of fame thanks to failed doctor bills promised by Ms. Britney Spears. Noel busted her nose during dance rehearsal for a music video shoot last August.According to the filed lawsuit, rehearsal...
  • Whitney Thore
    Whitney Thore: Don’t say she can’t dance
    Whitney Thore is a blogger and radio producer but what stands out with her is her dancing and her weight. She taught dancing in college but she was forced to give it up due to a medical condition. Thore was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian...
  • Night sky on a moonlit night
    Say "Yes" and live for the present moment
    Gold and purple moonlit skyStudded with stars like diamonds brightMagic carpet of clouds be my rideTo the clustering gems of paradise!Author at age 14 (poetry extractThe night sky on a moonlit night can indeed melt away the stress and cares of...
  • Dancer acid attack: Man nearly blinded in brutal acid attack headed by dancer
    Dancer acid attack: Man nearly blinded in brutal acid attack headed by dancer
    Thedancer acid attackthat was masterminded by former soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko, has resulted in a six-year prison sentence for the 29-year-old Russian man. On Tuesday, a Moscow court convicted Dmitrichenko, a lead dancer at the Bolshoi Theater,...
  • Adrianne Haslet Davis, Boston Marathon bombing survivor
    Boston Marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet Davis may appear on DWTS
    Last spring, Boston Marathon bombing survivor, Adrianne Haslet Davis, made a brief appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” and promised to return. With the fall season just ended, the tenacious woman was nowhere to be seen on the show...
  • Lekha Keister as ballroom dancer
    Are you fit to dance?
    So you are dancing the Quick Step in the quarter finals of a competition, are you feeling beat? You should be saying, "OK bring on the Jive!" instead of "Gosh, I am so glad it is the last one in this round."Physical condition...
  • Invicta FC star Paige VanZant celebrated the female athletic form with a classy new pic
    Paige VanZant says ballet dancing helped her become a better MMA fighter
    During a Sept. 2 interview with ProWMMA Now!, Invicta FC strawweight contender Paige "12 Gauge" VanZant (3-1) said her roots as a ballet dancer and tumbler helped her become a more well-rounded and dangerous MMA fighter.VanZant, 19,...
  • Nickolas Wolf
    “A day in the Life of Nickolas Wolf”
    Nickolas Wolf is not just another young actor. He knows that talent isn’t the only ingredient needed to make it big in the entertainment business. Nickolas created the series “A day in the Life of Nickolas Wolf” to show the hard...
  • Top Detroit area dance studios
    Top Detroit area dance studios
    The votes have been counted...The winners are in! The top dance studios in Metro Detroit as decided by popular vote on have been announced. View the list to learn about the Detroit A-List top 4 dance studios in the Detroit area.
  • 10-year-old Sophia Lucia danced on 'Dancing with the Stars'
    10-year-old Sophia Lucia danced on 'Dancing with the Stars'
    "Dancing with the Stars" aired its 300th episode on May 14. It was an extra treat because 10-year-old Sophia Lucia was a guest dancer.Lucia is in the Guinness World Record for having done the most pirouettes.A pirouette is a French...