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  • "Fifty Shades of Grey"
    36 million views after launch of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie trailer & counting
    The premiere of the much anticipated movie trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey” garnered a lot of interest after the July 24, 2014 launch on “YouTube.” According to the “Hollywood Reporter” magazine. The trailer...
  • North & South Dakota
    Twice the Dakotas created twice the Republicans in the Senate
    When President Thomas Jefferson acquired the Louisiana Purchase from France, the size of the United States literally doubled. The northernmost portion of the acquisition became the Dakota Territory. The name “Dakota” was used in...
  • Henry Hastings Sibley
    Henry Hastings Sibley was Minnesota’s ‘Wahzeomanee’
    The son of Solomon Sibley and Sarah Sproat, Henry Hastings Sibley arrived in Detroit, Michigan on February 20, 1811. His father was a native of Sutton, Massachusetts and became a prominent judge in the state of Michigan after participating in the...
  • Pastured horse is shot and killed in Lisle, New York
    Pastured horse shot and killed in New York
    On Saturday, Nov. 23, Anne Lee of Lee Top dairy farm got a call from a friend with some sickening news. He told her he found one of her horses hurt in the pasture it appeared that the horse had been shot.Lee called the veterinarian to save the...
  • Questions surrounding dog's disappearance from backyard in Croyden, PA
    Where is Dakota? - A family's quest to find their missing dog in Croydon, PA
    Dakota, a 9-month-old Labrador Retriever, went missing from her home on Magnolia Avenue in Croydon, PA on February 23. After being let out with her canine sibling, Timber, for just a few minutes, Dakota disappeared from her fenced backyard.Neither...
  • Gold Bars
    'Gold Rush Live' reveals mother lode on Discovery Channel: Part 2 of 2
    Last night's season finale episode of "Gold Rush" was a live presentation held in Portland, Ore. headed by executive producer Christo Doyle. As the live show went on, the gold was being melted into ingots awaiting the reveal of the...
  • Today's Forecast
    Mostly cloudy and windy today
    Mostly cloudy skies and strong winds will prevail across the area today. Temperatures will top out in the upper 70s to low 80s.The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for Dakota, Plymouth, and Union counties in the Sioux City area...
  • No reason to shoot; Law enforcement appears to be targeting Pit Bulls
    No reason to shoot; Law enforcement appears to be targeting Pit Bulls
    It would seem that we can officially extend the term 'police brutality' to canines. Every day a new story pops up in my inbox that headlines a family dog senselessly shot and killed by police, and more often than not, that dog isa Pit Bull...
  • Dakota
    Happy Birthday Dakota; a Search and Rescue Hero
    Today marks the fourteenth birthday of Kris Crawford’s Pit Bull companion, Dakota, who has served as a Search and Rescue dog along alongside of Kris in over 200 search missions.Selected by NASA for rescue efforts such as the 2003 Columbia...
  • RIM
    BlackBerry Dakota gets detailed, is most desirable BlackBerry yet
    Could this be it?Could this finally be it?The savoir for RIM, I mean. The device that current and past BlackBerry owners have been waiting for. The recently outed BlackBerry Dakota has all the makings of it, that’s for sure.BGR has unleashed...
  • Siouan peoples in both the upper Midwest and the Southeast once lived in pit houses.
    America's architectural heritage: the Sioux and the Siouan pit house
    When most people around the world hear the word, Sioux, they think of teepees, buffalo herds and brave men dashing across the prairie on horseback. Sioux is actually a name given to some of the Sioux living on the Minnesota prairie by early French...
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