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  • Hylunia Daily Balance Travel Kit
    Review: Hylunia Daily Balance Travel Kit
    The busy travel days of spring and summer are coming, which means many people are going to be packing their bags and (hopefully) heading off somewhere fantastic. It doesn't matter whether you're going by plane, train, or automobile, the...
  • Satin Smooth Moisturizer
    Satin Smooth Day/Night Daily Moisturizer
    The best part about being in the spa industry is that I get tons of free samples, which means that I seldom have to buy skincare, haircare or bodycare products for my own personal use. Very rarely, however, am I so impressed by a new product that...
  • Hand crafted ceramic bowls.
    Ceramic artists urgently needed to help fight hunger near Washington, D.C.
    About 20 miles west of Washington, D.C., steady hands and delicate fingers, sensitive to detail, craft pottery for a crucial cause. “I think it’s a fun project. It was an easy yes,” says 28-year-old Andrew Cummins, a native...
  • Daily deals and best bargains for today
    Daily deals and best bargains for today
    Daily deals and best bargains for today include T-mobile's big 16GB iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c deals starting today, according to a Dec. 10 report in 9to5Mac. How cheap can you get an iPhone in these deals? With no money down, that's how...
  • Daily deals for free music plus more freebies for today
    Daily deals for free music plus more freebies for today
    Daily deals for free music plus more freebies for today start off with an awesome deal for country music holiday songs, according to a Dec. 6 report in songs like “Run Run Rudolph” by Kelly Clarkson, “Silent...
  • The Gallery of Silhouettes
    People message brings joy to the Front Range (Video)
    The active enzyme in any culture and any body of ministry; leadership and communications is people. While we can drive the range and see architecture that in innovative and reflects God's design, our buildings, schools and churches are made up...
  • Popular daily deal websites perfect for holiday shopping
    Popular daily deal websites perfect for holiday shopping
    If you’re looking for online deals and steals for holiday shopping, then look no further than these popular daily deal websites. These websites offer exclusive deals and free membership on home decor, fashion, technology and jewelry, along...
  • Resiliency
    Daily thought: Resiliency
    The daily thought for today is: resiliency.What is resiliency? Resiliency can be thought of as a gift from the virtues within our soul. Think of, resiliency as a fruit, like a sweet orange, generated by our soul as nourishment to our spirit,...
  • Moon Collage
    Moon phases and day by day astrology effects
    From the perspective of astrology, the moon and its daily transits are easy to relate to. All anyone has to do is look into the evening skies. New moon is not visible, but three other phases are. Together these four phases are used for standard...
  • Purposeful Living Everyday (Day 4)
    Purposeful Living Everyday (Day 4)
    6 a.m. The alarm clock goes off and it is time to Rise and Shine! You press the snooze button for 7 more minutes of sleep. The alarm goes off again and you know that this time you must get up so you can prepare for your day. Coffee and beds are to...
  • Employment Statistics
    Career and Employment Statistics - September 15, 2010
    A Statistical Snapshot of what is happening as you work to develop your career and understand the current employment picture.Number of resumes human resource managers state they review for each open position: 25 or lessPercentage of recruiters who...
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