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  • Dada's 20th anniversay Puzzle tour at Dante's
    Dada's 20th anniversary tour at Dante's (Photos)
    In town to celebrate the 20th anniversary release of their debut, Puzzle, Dada was welcomed by a full house, cheering them back to Dante’s. First tune of the night from Puzzle was the crowd favorite, Posters. Lead by Phil Leavitt’s...
  • Dada's 20th Anniversary Tour
    Dada's 20th Annversary Tour, Puzzle comes to Portland
    In just over a week, L.A. band Dada hits the road on a 35-date 20th Anniversary Tour, celebrating the release of their debut album Puzzle. Their Portland stop is January 26 at Dante’s.It’s been quite a few year’s since the band...
  • Curving Arrow Hodgepodge
    Is your Dada in a Chicago museum?
    Dadaism is a cultural style, literature style, and arts style. Dadaism was a protest against World War I, and it involved irrationality and nonconformity with established, art principles at the time that it began in 1916. The main artists in the...
  • New Year's Eve rocks in the O.C.
    New Year’s Eve rocks in the O.C.
    Now that we’ve bid farewell (and good riddance) to Christmas 2011, it’s time to ask the big question – Whatcha doin for New Year’s Eve?If you’re looking to rock in the new year with live music, there’s something...
  • A Lover's Discourse
    Creative Dissonance: Mauricio Ancalmo at Baer Ridgeway Exhibitions
    A bulky 16mm movie projector dangles from long cords that stretch to the ceiling. One of these is its power cord. A twist of aluminum tubing allows the weight of the projector to rest upon an LP record mounted on a high-end turntable. The two...
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