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  • Moto X now available on AT&T
    Moto X now available for customization on AT&T!
    One of the most interesting new "features" of the new Motorola X phone is its ability to be altered, augmented, and customized by consumers before it ships to them. Different colored backplates, front plates and accents should provide...
  • Cake
    Caking with Stolle's Sweets: Customizing a boxed cake
    Many parents are intimidated by the idea of baking their child’s birthday cake. They scour through their family recipes and scoff at the idea of using a prepackaged boxed mix in fear that it just won’t be as yummy! This Examiner wants...
  • Profile Maker on @kelly4nia's page
    Ways to Trick Out Your Facebook Profile
    Since it’s inception, Facebook has maintained a reputation for modesty when it comes to page design. Foregoing the glitz and over-customization that Myspace attempted to bring to the table (shortly before it’s demise) the social media...
  • Grand Opening for the Garage by Ivy
    Grand Opening for the Garage by Ivy
    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Garage by Ivy grand opening on Saturday, February 12th promises to provide couples a day filled with fun photography sessions, floral arrangements, tutu’s and shopping. Call in advance and they can...
  • Narnia: Dawn Treader
    New themes for Windows 7 - Narnia: Dawn Treader and Snow Angels
    Microsoft recently released these two new themes for Windows 7 - Narnia: Dawn Treader and Snow Angels. They're a free download. They have a ton of other themes here - again, all of them are free.