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  • curves workout clothes top yoga pant
    Curves Fitness launches new workout clothing line
    Jillian Michaels workouts aren’t the only new addition to Curves fitness centers. The company just relaunched its online store and added a 20-piece line of workout wear.The new line, which is available for women of all sizes, features tops...
  • Curves Northshore
    Work out with "Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels at Curves on Northshore
    Because any workout routine can become boring or lose it's effectiveness, Curves for Women has introduced a new Jillian Michaels workout. Curves on Northshore, owned by Kathy Sheppard, is a participating franchise and Kathy's members are...
  • Sexuality and the plus-sized woman explored
    Blog explores sexuality for the curvaceous woman
    Sexy is as sexy does, and sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. Knowing this, the media still bombarbs women of all ages with their idea of what sexy should be from fashion to advertisement. What we see is almost always a size four or less. So where...
  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian posts many pictures of herself as she is missing her former self
    Kim Kardashian was thrilled when she discovered that she was pregnant, but it sounds like she may be missing her old figure as she has gained some weight while pregnant. Her sister Kourtney Kardashian didn’t get to gain so much weight during...
  • The curve
    The furniture curve
    Curves make life interesting. If everything was straight, things would be tediously ordered. Introducing a curve into anything, whether it's a drawing or a life situation, makes us think outside the box. Don't take this the wrong way,...
  • Dixie's Tupperware Party
    Marcus Center and Curves team up for a giveaway at 'Dixie's Tupperware Party'
    This morning, May 9, The Marcus Center issued a press release stating that they will be teaming up with Curves in the Greater Milwaukee Area to offer a special Enter-To-Win Giveaway on the Saturday, May 18, 3 p.m. performance of "Dixie's...
  • Killer curves
    Killer curves
    Designer Francisco Costa really but a new edgy take to silhouettes this fall. He started feeling for longer lengths a while ago, and decided to bring them back for his strong fall collection that also keyed into the season's new, bigger...
  • How Road Signs Should Look
    The better direction on Colorado highways
    If you've exhausted yourself and your engine with boredom, fear no more -- for driving around Colorado, behold a list of the best highways in Colorado for driving down a curve:1. E-470E-470 is a toll way. therefor fun is limited from the toll...
  • Cuves media photo
    Curves in Charlotte offers free week
    Women in Charlotte who are ready to make some changes in their health might want to accept a free week at Curves. With locations near most in Charlotte, Curves is a good place to get needed exercise to improve health and fitness.Many women in...
  • Cookies
    Weight loss resolutions
    Weight loss resolutions are often the beginning of a healthier new year for many in Charlotte. With 2012 being the year many plan to reach their goals, there are many things to consider.Some weight loss resolutions are not practical, and Charlotte...
  • Bike Skills
    Atlanta native navigating Hollywood as top action actress
    Lem Collins a writer/director/actor I work with often first introduced me to JC at a party for a friend. I thought she was sweet and funny. Time passed and I was fortunate enough to produce a short film with her, He Who Plays with Fire, that is...
  • Re/Dress
    Vintage plus size: Celebrate your curves!
    When entering a vintage shop, one of the most striking thing is the large variety of sizes available.Indeed, that gives easily an overview of how women’s bodies changed during these last centuries!This is the great occasion to find the only...
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