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  • Com Ed welcomes you back
    Com Ed welcomes you back
    The Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997 allows consumers served by Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) and Ameren Illinois Utilities to purchase electricity supply from certified alternative retail electric...
  • CUB energy saving event
    CUB energy saving event
    The consumer group, CUB will have their experts tomorrow in Englewood to provide a one on one analysis on how to cut the cost of utility bills. They will be in full force at the CAPS 2014 Energy Efficiency Events that will be presented at the 7th...
  • Fantastic Fest review: 'Cub' (2014)
    Fantastic Fest review: 'Cub' (2014)
    There's been strong buzz about "Cub", a Belgian horror film that premiered at the tenth annual Fantastic Fest on September 18, 2014. It certainly packs a wallop.The plot is straightforward. A boy scout troop sets off for a camping...
  • Bear stuck in a cookie jar is rescued and returned to the wild
    Bear stuck in cookie jar: Curious bear cub wedged in a tree, safe rescue to wild
    A bear stuck in a cookie jar is showing that a little curiosity can get you in quite the pickle — or a large glass jar, that is. A black bear cub must have been very hungry when he wriggled his head inside of the empty object; even when help...
  • 'To Dance Like A Man' documentary review
    'To Dance Like A man' documentary review
    First Run Features has released a documentary entitled “To Dance Like a Man.” This film revolves around three little boys, identical triplets, who want to be professional ballet dancers. They wish to someday attend ‘The National...
  • Zlin
    180 hp Zlin Cub plane introduced to the US
    Interesting new addition to the US sport flying market: The 180hp Titan Stroker IO-340 powered Zlin Cub-S is coming to the United States as a light sport aircraft (S-LSA), according to Bill Canino of SportairUSA. The U.S. distributor for aircraft...
  • Cell phone bill
    What else can they “cram” into our cell bills?
    Earlier this month, the Illinois Citizens Utility Board reported an alarming escalation in the level of cell phone related scams that result in fraudulent charges appearing on ouralready too high (and undecipherable) Illinois cell phone bills!...
  • Mutual Adoration
    Atlanta burlesque photographer of the month is Kevin O'Connell
    I remember the first time I ever met Kevin O'Connell. It was at his very first burlesque show done by Syrens of the South when Bart Webb's studio was in Little Tree in Avondale Estates. He was a quiet, unassuming man, soft of speech but...
  • Cougars
    The cougar, the puma and the cub
    Remember Mrs. Stiffler, the greatest movie cougar of our generation? A gorgeous woman in her 40's walks into Dick O'Dows in Birmingham or Mr. B's in Royal Oak and walks out with a man in his 20's. Women like Demi Moore have made an...
  • Uptown Billiards in Flagstaff Escapes Police Sting for Underage Drinking
    Uptown Billiards in Flagstaff Escapes Police Sting for Underage Drinking
    On Tuesday night, September 28th, the Flagstaff police did a sting operation called CUB (Covert Underage Buyer) in many of the bars and taverns throughout the city.Three bars failed the test, and were ticketed for serving an underage drinker, but...
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