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  • Cougar in the yard
    Critters coming in closer to homes due to the drought
    It is highly likely that the reason we are seeing more and more critters closer to our homes is not only because we keep building further and further into their homes, but also because of the drought in California. One of the other factors is the...
  • sand crabs
    Summer beach safety
    Summer is in full swing and families flock to the beach for sun, swimming, and fun. Common sense means children can enjoy the beach and sun safely.Use sun protection for all family members. Sun’s rays are often intensified by the water&rsquo...
  • Enjoy the creepy crawly side of Jungle Island with Critter Tales
    Enjoy the creepy crawly side of Jungle Island with Critter Tales
    As haunted attractions all across the country begin to release details of their evil plans to transform theme parks and fairgrounds, Jungle Island in Miami is pleased to announce a new tour experience that’s not for the faint of heart. The...
  • New babies
    Exotic Bird Show of Greensboro was a flying success
    Greensboro Exotic Bird Show occurred at the local Girl Scout facility in the Triad and had a nice turnout. Upon entrance a cat from a local animal rescue and a sleeping dog greeted the attendees. The rescue was the Carolina Veterinary Assistance...
  • Mystery Meat Anyone?
    The ‘Critter Dinner’ is Back! - 37th Annual Event Set For Saturday in Dunbar
    Ever dream about gnawing on a nice piece of bear meat or Antelope? How about alligator or squirrel meat? If you haven’t, now is your chance to taste roasted pig, deer, deep fried turkey, squirrel, bear, gator, antelope and various other...
  • What the critters tell us about the weather
    What do the critters tell us about the weather?
    What do the animals tell us about the weather? They tell us some things. According to Matt Campbell of the Kansas City Star, “The critters may have some thoughts on the topic.” He stated, “The squirrels have been very busy lately...
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