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  • Melissa McCarthy
    Melissa McCarthy speaks out on sexism while giving a critic a piece of her mind
    Melissa McCarthy speaks out on sexism with a verbal smackdown. McCarthy has been ridiculed quite often in the press for her weight and looks. Since starring in “Gilmore Girls,” she has gone on to have a rather lucrative movie career....
  • Birdman
    'Birdman' movie review
    “A thing is a thing not what is said of that thing.” Those polemic words from Susan Sontag are inscribed on a note card stuck on the make-up mirror in a Broadway dressing room. It’s based on her book of essays ‘Against...
  • Birdman Movie Poster
    Birdman Soars to the Top of Favorite Film Lists
    A Hollywood film agent recently told me the best scripts are the ones that are smart, powerful, and original with great characters. That's exactly how I would describe Michael Keaton's new black comedy, Birdmanor (The Unexpected Virtue of...
  • Rise of Professor X
    Better with age? A review on X-Men: Days of Future Past
    With multiple timelines, new characters, and themes to shake anyone to their very core X-Men: Days of Future Past might very well be the superhero film to keep critics pleased. After he success of First Class for both fans and critics alike, there...
  • Roger Ebert has died
    Roger Ebert Americas favorite film critic has died
    Thursday, April 4, 2013 For forty-six years Roger Ebert has been our guide to the movies but The Chicago Sun-Times has reported that he has died, only two days after America’s favorite film critic icon says it’s “…time for...
  • Plate
    Everyone's A Critic: Separating The Troll And The Yelper From The Professional
    In some recent conversations with people in the hospitality industry there seems to be some confusion as to the definition of a Restaurant Critic/Food Critic. I hope to clear this up with this article.A restaurant critic is one who by profession...
  • Music is your Weapon!
    Dead End Review: Revolution X
    First off, let me just go on the record as having said that I think Aerosmith is a pretty cool band.I didn’t find their entire catalog to be mind-blowing like so many fans of the band, but albums like “The Big Ones” and &ldquo...
  • New Theater website offers comprehensive arts journalism coverage for S. FL
    New theater website offers comprehensive arts journalism coverage for S. FL
    Theatre Chat's "top Florida critic choice," Bill Hirschman, creates, a new theater website offering comprehensive arts journalism coverage for south Florida. Florida Theater On Stage, a vibrant new...
  • Author, film critic, editor, writer... Jurgen Fauth
    Author, film critic, editor, writer... Jurgen Fauth
    Jurgen Fauth is a writer, critic, translator, editor, photographer, and web professional who was born in Wiesbaden, Germany.By the way, what is your favorite story by Fauth or his wife, Marcy Dermansky, or any others as well? Fauth holds a Ph.D....
  • poster
    'Life as We Know It' review
    A few weeks ago, You Again hit theaters with the rather unbelievable idea that someone wouldn't have any idea who her brother was marrying until 48 hours before the ceremony.This week, it's Life as We Know It, the romantic comedy (with a...
  • let me in
    'Let Me In' review
    There was a time when vampire movies were actually scary. Before Twilight, before Van Helsing and Underworld, and even way back before Interview with the Vampire, they had the ability to honestly frighten the crap out of moviegoers. They weren...
  • ya poster
    'You Again' review
    Disney's no dummy.Earlier this year, they trotted out Kristen Bell in the surprisingly watchable When In Rome, and now they've hitched their wagon to her star one more time with You Again. Can you blame them? She's dripping with star...
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