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  • Craze sport's supplement found to contain amphetamine-like substance
    Craze and Detonate found to contain amphetamine-like substance
    Craze, a powdered workout supplement used by athletes has been found to contain an amphetamine-like substance.The ingredient, a methamphetamine analog N,α-diethyl-phenylethylamine (N,α-DEPEA), recently caused several athletes to be disqualified...
  • Craze
    Which popular supplement contains meth-like chemicals?
    In a study published in the journal of Drug Testing and Analysis on October 14, the supplement Craze was found to contain the ingredient N-Alpha-DEPEA which is almost identical to a compound found in methamphetamine. The supplement is extremely...
  • Craze work-out supplement has meth-like qualities.
    Meth-like ingredient found in popular work-out supplement called Craze
    A meth-like supplement sold over-the-counter and advertised as “all natural," is under investigation today. The meth-like chemical found in Craze appears more like a designer recreational drug than a workout supplement for athletes,...
  • Amphetamine mechanism of action. Left: normal operation of dopaminergic terminal. Right: dopaminergic terminal in presence of amphetamines.
    Craze workout supplement contains methamphetamine analog
    The workout supplement Craze that is very popular in the United States and across the world and is sold internationally online contains an analog of methamphetamine called N,α- DEPEA according to an analysis of three different samples acquired...
  • cronuts
    Discover the newest dessert craze: Cronuts
    What new dessert could possibly be so tasty, so special, so wonderfully exquisite so as to become an overnight sensation and sell out within an hour...every single day?The answer is the cronut. And the place of origin is Dominique Ansel Bakery in...
  • Craze Modeling and Talent Agency
    Models and Actors learn the mental side of being successful
    As an actor or model you will be dealing with many types of hiring clients such asPhotographers, Casting Directors, Art Directors, Talent Agents, Talent Managers, Film Directors, Producers, Ad Agencies, and Networks etc.Many models and actors feel...
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