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  • Giant Siberian craters: Dozens more 'End of the World' sinkholes found
    Giant Siberian craters: Dozens more 'End of the World' sinkholes found
    Satellite photos have now revealed that the three giant craters found in the Siberian permafrost region last summer are not alone. Imagery of the Yamal Peninsula (natively translated as "End of the World") and its neighboring upper...
  • Siberian crater
    Siberia has more mystery craters appearing
    Several more “mystery” craters have appeared in Siberia which seems to have scientists, “alarmed” at this phenomenon. And should they be alarmed? They are of course, scientists, and should expect such odd behavior from...
  • Siberian craters in Russia: Cause revealed
    Siberia craters cause: Massive holes in Russia 'linked to Bermuda Triangle'
    A team of scientists think the cause behind the mysterious craters in Siberia has been discovered. Researchers say the massive holes that cropped up in Russia months ago are linked to the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. Moreover, pockets of...
  • New crater on Mars
    New meteor-impact crater on Mars is largest ever found
    Newly-formed, fresh meteor craters have been found on the planet Mars before, but a new one seen by the cameras on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) is the largest ever seen so far.The crater, near the Martian equator was first seen...
  • Mars
    Dustup arises over who gets to name craters on Mars
    NBC News reported in a March 11, 2014 story about a dust up that pits the International Astronomical Union against a campaign on Uwingu to raise funds for science education and research by allowing people to pay for suggestions on what to name...
  • Ant Lion Funnels on the Ground
    Drought Creates Desert Conditions in Independence, Missouri
    This photo may look like the surface of the moon, but it is actually a yard in Independence. Some claim that antlions are a desert creature, not found in suburban Missouri. The slide show says otherwise.The house was built in the early 1950&rsquo...
  • Lava Ran Through It !
    Lava Ran Through It !
    North of Blackfoot Idaho, a vast river of lava flowed through out the Snake River Plain. A series of Volcanos that range from the Pioneer Mountainsin the West, to Yellowstone National Park, contributed to the flow. The lava fields are dotted with...
  • The Ubehebe Crater located in Death Valley
    The Ubehebe Crater located in Death Valley
    When you watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel, you see stories of how volcanic craters are formed.Many of these craters are inhospitable, like Mount Kilauea and Mauna Loa in Hawaii.Hiking into them would be unwise and potentially...
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