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  • The Best Rainbow Loom Designs
    The Best Rainbow Loom Designs
    These are the best rainbow loom designs, I found recently.
  • Crafts for kids - back-to-school edition
    Crafts for kids - back-to-school edition
    Fall is in the air and back-to-school has come and gone.Time to hang up the swimsuits and put away the sand toys, say so long to summer and welcome fall with open arms. With cooler weather upon us and more indoor play, it’s a great time to...
  • Loomey Time Rainbow Loom Watches
    Creativity at its best with Loomey Time Rainbow Loom Watches
    You might have noticed a change in the watch market, and how it is not only children who get excited about the creative part of making their own watch bracelets, adults are becomming increasingly excited as well. Since the introduction of the...
  • Darby Smart
    Online shops for crafters
    Thanks to the miracle of the internet, crafters are no longer bound to brick and mortar stores. There are so many online crafting supply stores now, but it can sometimes be a little overwhelming.Below are a few shops that provide a wide, but...
  • Calligraphy practice
    Craft trend: Calligraphy
    It seems as of late anything handwritten or done in calligraphy has been all over Pinterest. This particular craft trend may look intimidating, but is actually really attainable. Keep in mind that bad penmanship doesn't mean you will be bad at...
  • How to make a Bombe Glacee (no French required.)
    How to make a Bombe Glacee (no French required.)
    Bombe glacee, or simply bombe in English, is a layered frozen dessert made in half-circle molds. The end-result resembles a cannonball, hence the name. Different variations abound and this is only one of many recipes. It seems intimidating, but...
  • Glow in the dark jellyfish
    Glow in the dark jellyfish craft
    In the summertime we spend a lot of time outdoors and at the beach. The beach is often a favorite place for children to visit, not only because of the water but because of the sand. At the beach you can even encounter some of nature's coolest...
  • Egg Carton
    'Egg-cellent' ideas for recycling egg cartons
    Most of us buy eggs which means we ended up with empty cartons. If these are of the cardboard variety there are many ways to avoid throwing them in the trash.If you live in an area that offers recycling, the cartons can be placed in your recycling...
  • Beach holiday craft: How to make simple sand candles
    Beach holiday craft: How to make simple sand candles
    Vacation beach holidays are family favorites, as the whole crew takes a trip to enjoy warm-weather fun by the seashore or any of the region’s lakes. Still, kids may enjoy simple beach crafts, creating take home souvenirs from the excursion...
  • Pin Loom Weaving
    Careful - Pin Loom is addicting
    Looking through grandma's yarn bag you may come across a vintage 1930 wooden pin loom. They haven't changed much over the years, except now it can be purchased in plastic as a "Zoom Loom". Don't have one? You can make your...
  • Craft supplies
    Fun and easy DIY back to school photo frame project ideas
    Every year millions of parents prepare to send their children off to school for the first time. For some this is a very exciting time, and for others it's a time filled with tears. Most parents have a long list of questions and reservations...
  • campfire collage
    Summer crafts for children: Campfire collage
    Summer is here and so is a long vacation from school. Making seasonal crafts is a fun way for children to spend their time during summer break. Bangor area children will have fun making this easy campfire collage craft.Materials: Some of the...
  • Winfree Cart
    Handcrafted wood and metal art by Winfree Works
    Hamilton Farmers Market in Montana is featuring artists Tom and Holly Winfree all summer long. See their amazing wood and metal arts and crafts at their most unusual and unique booth in space 41. Winfree Works is a family business making unique...
  • Sea Shell Crafts and Decor Ideas
    Sea Shell Crafts and Decor Ideas
    If you're planning a vacation to the beach this summer make sure to pack an extra bag for the seashells you and your family collects. Then the question is, "What do you do with all those shells when you get home?" Here are a few fun...
  • Go greener with these fun ideas for recycling
    Go greener with these fun ideas for recycling
    Spring is a great time to remind ourselves to "Go Green". Recycling is so important for our future and our children’s future as well, so why not make a hobby out of going green. From making lamps out of glass bottles to paper mache...