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  • Cox Business
    World-class service factor in high ranking for Atlanta business
    A recent survey by J.D. Power found that the ability to listen to customers and answer their specific needs plays a significant role in customer satisfaction in the business wireline industry. Business wireline companies that successfully meet the...
  • Comcast logo
    Will ESPN let Fox compete?
    Part 3.Everyone wants to be ESPN. And now Fox is about to make a run at competing with the Disney-owned sports group with its new Fox Sports One and Two.Will it work? It depends on how much of a fight ESPN puts up. And the rumor is that it may not...
  • On Demand Interaction
    Hampton Roads work out without leaving your living room! NOW!
    Ok, spring is officially here, and you have those pounds left over still from Thanksgiving.Your New Year’s Resolution only lasted for a day, and you are really hoping to get into that two piece swimsuit by summer. I have the answer! You don...
  • Scream 4
    First Official Still From SCREAM 4 Features Gail And Ghostface
    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has scored the first official image from SCREAM 4.As you can tell what we've got here is Gail Weathers being stalked around by good ole GHOSTFACE. Looks like they are in a barn of some kind. Although the film isn't...
  • Stress can lead to the consumption of comfort foods which in turn can lead to obesity and even further go and produce chronic diseases.
    Stress creating obesity in Americans
    Within the last 20 years, there has been a startling rise in obesity in the United States. American society is now defined by its environment that advocates food intake, foods that are not healthy, and slowly doing away with exercise. Current...
  • Asthma and allergic reactions set off by allergens such as dust and pet hair.
    Vaccine to provide long stability for asthma and allergy sufferers
    A new vaccine points to constant safeguarding against asthma and allergic reactions set off by allergens such as dust and pet hair. Different from immunotherapy, which aims to lessen patients' sensitivity by continual exposure to minimal doses...
  • Some alternative therapies have proved useful for rheumatoid arthritis.
    Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Medications Becoming To Costly To Use
    Altering immune system drugs referred to as biologics which are generally efficient when conventional drugs fail to work. They are used for cancer and autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis among other diseases have raised strongly in...
  • Biofeedback observing and conveying patients heart rate, body temperature and other bio logicals.
    Another Choice For Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients
    Provenge has just been approved by the FDA. Provenge constrains the individuals own immune system to combat the cancer through a reaction called active cellular immunotherapy. The new drug gives faith to men and their families. The new drug can...
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