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  • Hillary Clinton's Historical Statement
    Plot thickens in Hillary Clinton's Benghazi email probe
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,the news media's heir apparentto the U.S. presidency admitted that all of the emails on her unauthorizedprivate server have been permanently deleted. Her attorney, David Kendell claims theserverhad...
  • Tommy Bahama Map Floral Swimsuit
    Great Memorial Day swimsuits and cover ups ideas
    With Memorial Day being the unofficial start to summer, it also means the unofficial start to swimsuit season. As much as many women hate shopping for swimsuits it does help to know that there are some swimsuits out there that are figure...
  • Lara Logan, 60 Minutes
    CBS says Obama administration pressuring Benghazi survivors not to Talk
    CBS correspondent Lara Logan, whose investigation into Benghazi led to a blockbuster expose on 60 Minutes, claims that the government is exerting great pressure on survivors not to talk. Between the prosecution of whistleblowers and the NSA spying...
  • Do the American people deserve an apology?
    Do the American people deserve an apology?
    In recent weeks we have heard several scandals concerning the Benghazi incident where our Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered along with three other Americans, “But potential dangers lurk: Americans are widely suspicious of the Obama...
  • Five easy ways to avoid fashion disasters (Photos)
    Five easy ways to avoid fashion disasters (Photos)
    Whether it's at work, a girls' night out, a red carpet event or special occasion, fashion disasters seem to happen at the worst times. Panty lines, shoulder dents, deodorant marks and other mishaps can ruin a special outfit. These things...
  • Swimwear Cover Ups for Spring/Summer 2012
    Swimwear cover up trends for Spring/Summer 2012
    Getting dressed for the pool or the beach isn't just about the swimsuit anymore. Today's fashion designers have created cover ups that follow all of the current fashion trends.And while each piece is meant to conceal or even complement...
  • Breastfeeding
    For cryin' out loud: The lowdown on publc breastfeeding
    The debate continues with passionate opinions on each side. To feed or not to feed, that is the question. Whether it's a new mother scared out of her mind at the thought of exposing herself (albeit there is little ‘exposing’ going...
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