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Kim Kardashian's Valentine

February 13, 2012
It didn’t take long for reality star Kim Kardashian to reach out to her ex boyfriend NFL player Reggie Bush, according to TMZ. The pair was spotted having a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel over...


October 28, 2011
Are you one of those couples scared that you will not be able to conceive after years of being on the pill? Well according to Shape, there are a few things that may be able to help you increase your...

What qualities do women want most?

October 9, 2011
What qualities in men do women desire most in a long-term relationship or in a spouse?Studies have shown that the traits women look for in a mate tend to be consistent over time and across cultures. ...

Loving the unlovable

July 13, 2011
Marriage, like any relationship; especially those of an intimate nature, ebbs and flows. The connection between the two strengthen, loosens, and if not guarded over, may break. It is a tenuous bond that draws on the strength of fallible creatures...


March 24, 2011
In the Bible we read:when God created Adam, he then stated, “it is not good for man to be alone,” and thus Eve was created. God understood that Adam needed a partner in this life...

Dating 101 - Socializing as a couple

March 20, 2011
Things are great between you and your guy. Your relationship is going well, and you are relaxing in your role as girlfriend. Even though things are great, a new challenge has arose; the dynamics of socializing as a couple. This...

Take the train to Glenwood Springs from Denver

January 30, 2011
Glenwood Springs has always been a favorite place of mine to visit. Getting there via Amtrack and the California Zephyr is an option worth considering if you’re looking to avoid the drive and see some stunning scenery...

The honeyweekend

January 19, 2011
It takes months to plan for one's wedding. There are many details involved when making the day just right from booking reliable vendors, song choices, the style and flavor of the cake, it's never ending.While...

Couple found dead in North Charleston

January 5, 2011
Nathaniel Lonnie and Angela Ferguson were found deceased in their North Charleston home Monday afternoon. The cause of death is unconfirmed at this time, but reports indicate that the neighbor that called the authorities stated that the two victims were...

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez: Giving heat to Miami

December 19, 2010
Yesterday, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were giving heat to Miami. Well, teenage heat. The couple who say they are not a couple but just friends were spotted strolling in South Beach together.Then, last night, the Baby singer and...