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  • Trauma is declining thanks to Family Shelter Service
    Trauma is declining thanks to Family Shelter Service
    The stories that are shared with Family Shelter Service (FSS) of DuPage are sad to say the least. For the individuals that are helped by the compassionate souls at FSS, they are heroes to say the least.Take for instance Sophia’s story. When...
  • Sometimes mom and dad are not enough
    Sometimes mom and dad are not enough
    There are times when teens need someone besides mommy and/or daddy to fill in some gaps that may be missing in their life. Take for instance if they have an issue that they are embarrassed to discuss with their direct family – or perhaps it...
  • Loretta Mazorra
    Interview with a remarkable woman and disability advocate: Loretta Mazorra
    If you want someone’s friendship, support and guidance in the midst of battling disability or another cause of concern, Loretta Mazorra is the one you want in your corner. I’ve only known Loretta since last fall, and already she&rsquo...
  • Juniors, who will write you letter(s) of recommendation?
    Juniors, who will write your letter(s) of recommendation?
    It's spring, early May, AP tests start this week, and you are nearing the end of school; but have you considered who might be writing your letter(s) of recommendation?I try to begin this process as early as the freshman year by encouraging my...
  • resized_counselor_article.jpg
    Columbus City School students must know how guidance counselors may assist them
    Many students are overwhelmed when left to navigate financial aid alone.Photograph taken by Joi Cain A recent informal poll of twenty five CCS students revealed that many of them are not clear about the role that the guidance counselor assigned to...
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