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  • Waist Trainers
    Waist train like Khloe Kardashian for an hourglass shape
    Khloe Kardashian recently posted a photo to Instagramwearing the latest workout trend for waist training. Corsets or waist trainers have become increasingly popular amongst celebrities to speed weight loss, lose inches, and increase the intensity...
  • Adore Me hosts inaugural National Corset Day party
    Adore Me hosts the inaugural National Corset Day party
    The lingerie fashion company Adore Me hosted the inaugural National Corset Day press party on Tuesday at the Sky Room located at 330 West 40 Street in New York City. Several women arrived wearing a variety of corsets. Many of the women that...
  • Undeniable Assets Garter Chemise
    When dressing up those hips and curves, head to
    Need a little va-va-voom added to the bedroom? Well, the search is over, is going to be your next bookmarked site! Hips and Curves delivers fun, sexy and functional lingerie and intimates in plus sizes.H and C boasts a large...
  • Vintage Lingerie
    Vintage lingerie from the 1850's to the 1970's
    "Vintage Lingerie" is a book of 30 patterns based on period garments plus finishing techniques by Jill Salen. The term lingerie stems from the word linen. Up until the 1500's all undergarments were made from linen. It was then,...
  • Actress Michelle Williams in the reinvented corset dress
    Reinventing fashion trends
    Many women now approaching retirement undoubtedly remember buying a pair of jeans that were a size too small, lying on the bed to zip them up, and then sitting in a bathtub of hot water to make them shrink to skin-tightness. This look took off in...
  • Plus Size Beauties –show your sexy side on Valentine’s Day
    Plus Size Beauties –show your sexy side on Valentine’s Day
    The sexy, LOVE holiday is just around the corner. Date or no date; husband or no husband; significant other or not…Plus Size women everywhere need to take this time to indulge in the flirtier side of their personalities and express some...
  • "Please, Sir"
    Simone of Exquisite Restraint talks corsets, fashion and fetish
    First off, thank you, Simone for taking the time to answer a few questions about corsets, fashion and your fabulous designs at Exquisite Restraint.Tell me a little about Exquisite Restraint and what makes your designs special? What materials do...
  • Morrismore Models: Shaking up the alternative fashion scene
    Morrismore Models: Shaking up the alternative fashion scene
    A new talent agency has appeared on the Vancouver scene - one full of alternative models of all shapes, sizes and looks. From piercings to pinup, they're storming Vancouver's fashion world, showing that alternative looks are gorgeous too....
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