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  • Medical support clerk openings
    Medical support clerk openings
    The New York City Department of Corrections is seeking to hire three Medical Support Clerks. The starting salary for these positions are; $40,000.00 to $47,000.00 annually. The work location is 75-20 Astoria Boulevard, East Elmhurst, Queens, NY...
  • Correctional counselors needed immediately
    Correctional counselors needed immediately
    The New York City Department of Corrections is in need of three Correctional Counselors, the civil service title is Community Coordinator. The starting annual salary is $47,703.00 to $74,049.00. The work location is 75-20 Astoria Boulevard, East...
  • school days photos-1
    Texas approves 89 textbooks without reading the changes
    The Texas State Board of Education spent a good part of the day on Friday looking over changes, omissions and corrections to a new batch of proposed textbooks, workbooks and other instructional materials for the state's school system.With...
  • I.M.P.A.C.T. program (Inmates Providing Animal Care and Training)
    Correctional professionals hold the keys to inmate reentry
    Skilled and professional correctional staff may hold within themselves the keys to opening many doors related to the successful reentry of the inmates within their sphere of influence. Correctionally sound staff members who carry themselves with...
  • Chino California Prison
    Releasing inmates must accept personal responsibility
    Although there are many outside obstacles an inmate who is releasing from prison may face, one of the biggest barriers can be an unwillingness to accept their own personal responsibility. Inmates who take responsibility for their prior and current...
  • Corrections director issues first, "Certificates of Achievement and Employability."
    ODRC issues first, 'Certificates of Achievement and Employability'
    Gary Mohr, Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC), signed the first three Certificates of Achievement and Employability (CAE) yesterday, documenting exemplary behavior of offenders who are within one year of release...
  • Prison Overcrowding
    Illinois Department of Corrections Face Record Breaking Population Spike
    The IDOC is currently experiencing an unprecedented overcrowding problem. Having surpassed the 49,000 inmate capacity, the Illinois Dept. of Corrections have resorted to inmates sleeping in the hospitals and infirmaries. Cells designed for two...
  • prison to petro
    Offenders Want to Come East To Work
    With unemployment the lowest in the nation in the MonDak region, people from all over the country are coming here because jobs elsewhere have dried up. Some of that migration includes from the western side of the state – and some of those...
  • 100% rallies like this have happend before what happened after them?
    100% rallies like this have happend before what happened after them?
    Since March 2009 the Dow has rallied 92% in just under 2 years. By comparison it took 5 years for the Dow to rally 97% from late 2002 through late 2007. Going back to 1896 there have been other occurrences in which the Dow has made similar...
  • Leon Russell in Rolling Stone
    'Rolling Stone' article gets Dylan info wrong in Leon Russell profile
    In the November 11, 2010, issue of Rolling Stone (with the Conan O'Brien cover), there was a major error in a profile of Leon Russell. The article, entitled The Master of Space & Time Returns, opens with Russell reminiscing about a...
  • Sheriff McGuire: Bergen jail on track for accreditation
    Sheriff McGuire: Bergen jail on track for accreditation
    Bergen County Sheriff Leo P. McGuire got an election-season boost, although it wasn’t the typical political endorsement: The American Correctional Association gave high grades to the operation of the county jail, which he oversees. Wednesday...
  • Andre Cooley
    Mississippi corrections officer fired for being gay
    Many states operate under an 'at will' system allowing managers to act as dictators in the workplace. To the degree that workers can withstand unionbusting and organize they are treated fairly. When an employer discriminates it can be...
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