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  • Don Fornes
    Don Fornes Business Profile: Putting People Over Profits in Argentina
    Scattered throughout Cordoba are six highly motivated employees. While some work from their kitchen table, others work from the cafe on the corner. Some dress for work and others punch the clock in tattered jeans and a t-shirt.While their working...
  • Medina Azahara
    Spanish ruins of Medina Azahara show glory of former city
    CORDOBA, Spain - When royal ruler Abd al-Rahman II decided to built a palace city in 936, he wanted it to be the grandest in the world. His home would have unimaginable luxury and glory to honor such a powerful man.“It was called the...
  • Memories of Jewish heritage are celebrated in Cordoba, Spain.
    Memories of Jewish heritage in Cordoba, Spain
    CORDOBA, Spain - It seems a bit unusual. In one of the most Catholic countries in the world, I am watching a Jewish man prepare challah bread to celebrate the Shabbat in Cordoba, Spain.“This is the only challah bread in Cordoba,”...
  • Traditional Public Baths Enjoying a Resurgence in Spain
    Traditional Public Baths Enjoying a Resurgence in Spain
    CORDOBA, Spain - The scent of jasmine and orange blossoms fills the air. Water trickles gently from ornate fountains, blending with the faint music of a guitar. Warmth permeates the stones and soothes away life’s cares. It’s late afternoon at...
  • Sephardic Spain: Part 2, Mazel Bueno in Cordoba
    Sephardic Spain: Part 2, Mazel Bueno
    Travel time from Denver to Cordoba: About 16.5 hours, including a two-hour ride on a high-speed AVE train from Madrid to Cordoba.Another superstar in the Spanish network of Jewish quarters is the one in Cordoba, capital of one of the eight...
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