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  • Online sharing can be a legal quagmire
    Online sharing can be a legal quagmire
    Piracy doesn’t only happen on the bounding main. It’s all over the internet, and often practiced by people who have no idea they are trespassing. Legal experts call it copyright infringement, and it frequently takes a seemingly...
  • BERLIN, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 12: A waitress at Hops & Barley brewpub carries beer on November 12, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. In a country known for centuries for its beer, several microbreweries have opened within the past year.
    Avoid these 6 common mistakes to better protect your intellectual property
    A lot of business owners focus on the exact product or service they offer, not realizing that true value lies in their brand or image.Beyond the products or services you offer, your company has intellectual property that needs to be rigorously...
  • Storm cloud and lightening
    Copyright ownership, working cases and does possession mean ownership?
    Some people have a vast misunderstanding of the copyright issues. I am going to use as an example again is the person the readership calls 32. I am sure if they ever read this they will cringe and not think it is a good idea. It has several...
  • Nikon D50
    Items of Interest, copyrights, websites and work for hire
    I put a photo of one of my 3 Nikon D50s up so you can see how the updates sometimes creates issues. It has the correct purchase date, but the registration date is well after I sold it.It is the update date not the real registration date which...
  • Supreme Court seal
    Supreme Court rules against patents for human DNA
    On June 13, the Supreme Court announced its decision in the case of Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., which challenged the constitutionality of patenting human genes. The justices decided by a 9-0 vote that"[a]...
  • The Shark is in the room - Shark Tank
    The "New" Test for Entrepreneurs: Whudd Ya Appear on TV's "Shark Tank" show?
    Even before you see him---with your back facing him---you know he is in the room. Every neuron in your body spins ---every hair on your body stands erect . Endorphins are not only flying but CONSUMING you. Forcefully spin your chair around and...
  • Seats still available for Anne Dalton's FGCU creative arts legal workshops
    Seats still available for Anne Dalton's FGCU creative arts legal workshops
    There are still a few seats left for the FGCU Creative Arts self-help legal workshops (the Thursday series). It starts on Thursday, October 18, 2012 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.While the focus is on writers, the series is equally applicable to visual...
  • Does anybody own this?
    Writing, thought, and possession
    Not demonic possession. Merely the delusional attempt to possess abstract thought. The kingdom of capitalism has recently spread its dominion into the realm of owning thoughts and ideas. Intellectual property, they claim. There are laws that are...
  • Attorney Matthew W. Bower
    Intellectual Property Basics
    By: Lori T. Williams, Esq., Wayne/Oakland County Legal News Examiner for and owner/managing attorney for Your Legal Resource, PLLCAt our lunch and learnlast month, Matt Bower shared some tips for all the professionals and business...
  • Caution for self published authors
    Spotlight: Self-publishing scams target eager authors
    With the explosion of self published books, there has also been an explosion of scams targeting unsuspecting authors. What perfect pigeons. They have a manuscript, now all they need is to get it printed in book form, right? Wrong!The information...
  • grey_gardens_apmarkj_terrill.jpg
    Screen Actors Guild, working to enforce copyrighted films and TV shows
    Ken Howard (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill) In March 2010 there has been a follow up on the battle of fraud - illegally confiscating films and television shows, infringing on copyright laws. Such fraud is one of the top priorities of the Screen Actors...
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