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  • bb
    Fox News: Bergdahl converted to Islam, calls himself 'warrior for Islam'
    Declared himself a "mujahid"... James Rosen of Fox News is reporting on June 5, 2014 that U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has converted to Islam during his five years stay with the Taliban-allied Haqqani terrorist network who also openly...
  • Tip One: Convert
    Five affordable tricks that expand your wardrobe: Tip One
    If you know how to sew, or know someone who does, remaking your clothes can be a great way to stretch your dollar and make due with clothes you already have that just aren't working for you in their current state.Tip One: Convert There it...
  • TOMS
    Convert and TOMS style your sole event
    This Saturday there will be a TOMS Style Your Sole event benefiting the Oakland Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA). The event will be held at Conver in the beautiful shopping district of 4th Street in Berkeley. The donation process is simple,...
  • The 84th Problem reminds us how the Buddha's Teachings can bring happiness and erase suffering.
    Buddhist Parables: The 84th Problem
    Parables are similar to stories told to children, in the sense that they always have some lesson to be learned and it is usually a very specific and obvious lesson. Sometimes these can be frustrating for new Buddhists, when everything seems easier...
  • The Spider's Thread, Kumo no Ito, teaches a very Buddhist lesson to Kandata, and others.
    Buddhist Parables: The Spider's Thread
    The Spider's Thread, known as Kumo no Ito in Japanese, is a classic tale pieced together by Ryunosuke Akutagawa as a short story in 1918. Interestingly, this story was originally published in a children's magazine, which may surprise many...
  • Becoming a Buddhist, taking refuge in the Three Jewels.
    Becoming Buddhist - The Three Jewels
    Buddhism, unlike many other world religions, does not necessarily "recruit" followers. Buddhists generally are not going door to door, or standing outside shopping centers handing out information pamphlets. This does not mean that...
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