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  • Unconfirmed: Sony recalled original PlayStation 4 controllers from stores
    Employee states Sony recalled original PlayStation 4 controllers from stores
    In purchasing the PlayStation 4 at launch, or even an additional DUALSHOCK 4 controller, many consumers have noticed the rubber on the analogue stick coming off, particularly the left analogue. In asking around, to ensure this was not an isolated...
  • PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 controller with PS3 system
    Ten of the greatest video game controllers ever
    Since video games became popular, there have been many different consoles, games and controllers. Ergonomics, weight and button location are great criteria when discussing the best video game controllers. Even non-gamepad controllers have been...
  • GameCube controller
    Console Controllers and your Ego
    Soul Calibur, Mortal Combat, Dead or Alive, Tekkin, Madden, Need for Speed….the list goes on. Boise, these are games with a vs. mode. You know the kind. The one’s that inspire such hurtful names as “button masher”, &ldquo...
  • Razer Onza TE
    Razer Onza TE
    The Onza TE is a controller that was made by the company Razer. The controller was designed to improve the player's ability tosucceed at the games they are playing. The features of this controller translate really well to FPS games and help...
  • Subsonic NEO Controller
    Review: Subsonic NEO Controller for the PS3
    European manufacturer Subsonic has released its NEO Controller for the PlayStation 3 that adds multimedia buttons for easy playback of video content as an alternative to Sony’s DualShock 3.Adding a media bar at the top of the controller,...
  • XIm3
    XIM3 Adapter for the Xbox 360 gets re-released
    XIM Technologies has today released its XIM3 adapter for the Xbox 360 for a second production run. After selling out of their initial units in minutes, the company is giving gamers one more shot at picking up the device.In a nutshell, the XIM3...
  • MVC3
    Marvel Vs Capcom 3 coming soon and this is what you need to know!
    Well Bay Minette, its been 10 years in the making and the Feb. 15 release date is almost upon us. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is the newest installment to the series and looks to be even better than ever. Some old favorites are returning to the scene along...
  • Walmart slashes prices on Xbox 360 controllers and Gold cards
    Walmart slashes prices on Xbox 360 controllers and Gold cards
    Following on the heels of the Xbox LIVE 1600 MS Points card deal we wrote about yesterday, Walmart is also having a big sale on many Xbox 360 controllers including the Halo: Reach controller and the new Silver controller with the transforming D...
  • A custom faceplate for Xbox 360
    Four ideas for personalizing video gaming accessories
    Accessorizing one’s electronic devices is a popular practice, whether it’s adding a few stickers, some shiny “bling” decorations, or completely modifying the casing. Here are a few ideas for changing the average video game...
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