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  • Michael Kors continues to build the love
    Michael Kors continues to build the love
    Michael Kors is at it again with a most generous, kind and committed gesture. This past Tuesday, June 9, 2015, designer Michael Kors joined with some notable New Yorkers and distinguished friends to introduce the newest Michael Kors building,...
  • IRAs
    Overview of various types of IRAs available
    At one time, there was relatively little confusion about IRAs because there was only one type available. Now, however, IRAs have proliferated-there's the "traditional" IRA, which may be funded with deductible and/or nondeductible...
  • Last minute RRSP tips – save on taxes, save more for retirement
    Last minute RRSP tips – save on taxes, save more for retirement
    The deadline looms for making your 2014 contribution to investments held in your Registered Retirement Savings Program (RRSP). But you’ve still got a few days and a few choices to make that will save on taxes and save more for your...
  • Unravelling TFSA re-contribution rules
    Unravelling TFSA re-contribution rules
    Since their introduction by the federal government in 2009, Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) have become a favorite savings option for many Canadians – and with good reason: TFSAs provide tax-free savings growth and easy, tax-free...
  • reid
    Harry Reid hammers Koch brothers, but takes Koch brothers money
    Nevada's senior senator has been on a tear as of late against conservative-leaning industrialists Charles and David Koch due to their penchant for contributing money overwhelmingly to more than a few conservative causes and candidates, yet...
  • More than a savings account
    More than a savings account
    The federal government introduced the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) in 2009 and it was hailed as the single most important personal savings vehicle since RRSPs were launched in the late 1950’s. So it’s easy to understand that in just...
  • Jesus' observations in the temple
    Jesus' observations in the temple
    In Mark chapters 11 and 12 we read of Jesus who had gone into the temple and had been quizzed by various of the scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees. After he had answered them factually and they had no more they could try and pin him with, in chapter...
  • Notable African American Memphians
    Notable African American Memphians
    Over the years during Black History Month, we've gotten so accustomed to hearing about dynamic African Americans who changed the course of history for all of us. Let's face it. There are figures that we will always hear about during this...
  • Making a Difference
    Making a Difference
    What does it mean to make a difference?In the creative realm, it has a great deal to do with generation. Artists embark on private and often isolated journeys to and through their creative processes. Once complete, the work then speaks for itself,...
  • donation
    CBMM Presents Donation to Frederick Douglas Honor Society
    The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels recently presented a $10,000 donation to the Frederick Douglass Honor Society from the proceeds of Frederick Douglass Day, which was held at the Museum on October 23. The proceeds will help fund...
  • Paint Dancing featured live on KING 5 TV.
    Happy, messy 'Paint Dancing' spreading globally: Featured on TV again (video)
    Paint Dancing is the creation of Matt Jones, and it was featured on TV again. Paint Dancing began four years ago in the studio of abstract painter and hunger awareness activist, Matt Jones. Thursday (Sept. 23) Paint Dancing was featured live on TV...
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