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  • Stylish platformer Contrast makes feminine identity the focus
    Stylish platformer Contrast makes feminine identity the focus
    Last May at L.A.'s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Compulsion Games' creative lead Guillaume Provost had some interesting things to say about his company's moody platformer, Contrast. Most of the time, games focus on large-scale, save...
  • Dawn
    Babes in Play: The Strong, Silent, and Shadowy Type, Dawn
    As we head into the new year, we find ourselves with a brand new generation of home consoles for players to grab a hold of in the Nintendo Wii U, the PS4, and recently the X-Box One. Dozens of new games have been made with the launch of the new...
  • Contrast's unique 2D play
    Contrast for PlayStation 4 is a clear picture of beauty
    Many gamers across Indianapolis were excited for the release of PlayStation 4 for many good reasons, including hot titles like “Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag”, “Knack”, and “Call of Duty Ghosts”, however...
  • XCOM: Enemy Within
    PC game release list for the week of 11/11/2013
    There's a lot to like this week. You have classics reborn, supreme beings beating the living crap out of each other, in depth space simulations, and my most favorite of all on the list, an expansion to an intense turn based combat strategy ...
  • Delaying a game that's not finished is a good thing.
    'Drive Club' officially delayed; releasing early 2014
    Earlier this week, rumors started circulating that "Drive Club," Sony's entry into next-generation racing games, would be delayed till early 2014. Although official confirmation was painfully avoided by the games developers, more and...
  • E3 2013: Contrast gameplay impressions
    E3 2013: Contrast gameplay impressions
    I got my hands on Contrast over at the Sony booth at E3. Contrast offers quite an interesting tale that is coupled with a rather interesting way to play the game. The story focuses on an entirely different world that revolves and tells its own...
  • E3 2013 Preview - Contrast
    E3 2013 Preview - Contrast
    Among all the multi-million dollar titles at this year's E3, one small game held its own—a beautiful, unique little platform puzzler called Contrast. Made by Montreal's Compulsion Games, Contrast's one-of-a-kind look drew gamers...
  • Contrast logo
    Hands on 'Contrast' by Compulsion Games
    We caught up with Guillaume Provost, studio head of Compulsion Games, for a first hand look their upcoming puzzle platformer “Contrast.” The game utilizes light and shadows to create a unique play experience. The main character Didi...
  • Carolina Herrera: Satin Contrast-Waist Gown
    Carolina Herrera: Satin Contrast-Waist Gown
    The 'Satin Contrast-Waist Gown' by Carolina Herrera is straight from the designer's Spring 2012 runway show. Electric yellow is the perfect color for Spring, making this dress a fashion favorite. Vertical panels fit atop one another on...
  • A selection of the colors required for IU-affiliated web sites. Hex codes also provided.
    More notes on color
    A previous article on the subject of color focused more on what was to be gained by its proper use. Today’s article focuses on the more practical aspect of color to wit understanding how to use it. The hints given today are usable both in...
  • A selection of ray traced 3D primitives.
    3D graphics
    A graphic designer who focuses on computer graphics has many options available for elements to produce designs. Beside the two types of two-dimensional graphic mentioned there is also the option of three-dimensional graphic. 3D graphics can be...
  • A raster image, drawn at half an inch in Photoshop appears in the upper left.
    2D graphics- Raster or bitmap
    Any education in graphic design begins with establishing familiarity with the two most common types of two-dimensional graphics. Vector and raster graphics are the two categories and each has advantages and disadvantages that are important to...
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