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  • Customer Service Etiquettes for E-Commerce Businesses
    Customer Service Etiquettes for E-Commerce Businesses
    Do you want to know how to serve your online customers successfully? Do you want to know the latest trends in online customer service? Do you want to know customer service secrets to boost your online sales?If you own an e-commerce site of your...
  • 'Contact' is very good
    'Contact' is very good
    The winter solstice is upon us and for the rest of this week, the nights will be the longest in the year. The long nights can stimulate our thoughts about the stars, space and the galaxies afar. Is there life out there? Many movies hypothesize...
  • Dr. Tom Friedman, Director of the CDC, says breach in protocol may be to blame
    Second American Diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas
    October 12, 2014Less than a week after the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States died from the disease, a nurse from the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has tested positive for the disease. According to health officials...
  • sci-fi logo
    10 sci-fi movies from the 90's
    The 90's saw the first reality show with "the Real World" the first home pcs and first to bringthe world online. But we also saw great films, some were cutting edge techonlogy.1991 --- Terminator 2 --- Arnold Schwarzenagger once more...
  • Rob Kardashian
    Rob Kardashian cuts contact with Kim and Khloe after Kim’s wedding
    Rob Kardashian has been in a dark place since last year, when he broke up with Rita Ora after a highly publicized breakup. He accused her of sleeping around, even though he was trying to get her pregnant. In addition, she denied that they ever...
  • Album review: Contact's “Encounters Of A Strange Kind”
    Album review: Contact's “Encounters Of A Strange Kind”
    There was a point in Saint Louis' recent history where everyone and their grandmother was working on a mixtape or fixing to make the best rap album ever. And that made it extremely difficult for any one artist to bust out of the group and make...
  • Jill Tarter, director of the Center for SETI Research looks at a graphic showing the newly discovered planet Kepler-22b during a news conference at the NASA Ames Research Center on December 5, 2011, in Moffett Field, California.
    Survey says Earthlings not ready for extraterrestrial contact
    Despite the initiation of sending messages to potential regions of space where the highest possibility of extraterrestrial life may exist that locate the Earth for potential visitors from space by the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI...
  • Facing the Greater Community
    The New Message Faces a Greater Community of Life
    The New Message from God is a religious movement based upon the revelations of Marshall Vian Summers, considered by practitioners to be a Messenger from God. The following is a revelation given to Marshall Vian Summers in a period in early March,...
  • Russian UFO
    What would comprise an Alien agenda?
    Assuming some alien abduction accounts are true, were the victims really being pulled or floated from their beds into foreign spacecraft? Could freakish looking people known as Men in Black actually appear and disappear in a wink for the purpose...
  • Free Coupons
    Have you ever wondered how to get free coupons?
    Have you ever wondered where other people get their coupons? There are tons of places to snag them, the Sunday newspaper, magazines, or even stuck right to a product! But it doesn’t end there, alot of companies will mail coupons to you just...
  • Our nearest planetary neighbor
    2012 Predictions--Contact with our nearest planetary neighbors
    The first “inter-planetary communication” in 2012?How fast have we emerged from the “dark ages” to inter-stellar travel! In retrospect, to approximately one million years of mankind’s history on earth, our emergence...
  • greatchainofbeing-edit(3).jpg
    Commentary on Stephen Hawking and avoiding extraterrestrial contact
    Diagram: the great chain of being."Generally speaking, religion has problems in accepting the current hypotheses (and implications) of science concerning the constitution of the human being. While science does not explicitly deny any specific...
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