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  • Requests for Proposals and Accountability
    Government irregularity and Proposal Consultancies, Part I of III
    Senior Technical and/or Developmental Proposal Consultants have, at one time or another, been the saving grace to many an emergent small business or large enterprise. While not necessarily seen as a daily organizational requirement to most...
  • Can We Be Honest
    The Get Clients Fill in the Blank Script
    The most common complaint from both new and experienced entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors, and healers that I hear during my webinars and from my personal clients is that they don’t have enough clients.Sometimes this may be a...
  • MnSCU's Headquarters
    MnSCU wastes students', parents', money
    This article is more proof that MnSCU's Board of Trustees don't care about Minnesota's taxpayers. Check out the spending they just approved:“Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.”Easy to see why they shortened...
  • New Global Consultants Consortium
    New global consultants consortium just launched
    Alethia Logos University (ALU) launched its new initiative today called Global Consultants Consortium (GCC). This consortium is open to all legitimately experienced and credentialed consultants from anywhere around the world. ALU said that over...
  • The downside of nonprofits using free software
    The downside of nonprofits using free software
    Gretchen Barry, Director of Marketing for, has done some very important research about the hidden costs of “free” software for nonprofit organizations and has come up with some very useful information to warn these...
  • Modesto, California
    Consultancy fees for Modesto area expressway spiral to $11 million:Commentary
    Consultancy fees related to the establishment of an expressway between Modesto and Oakdale have spiraled to $11 million. The fees, which originally were set at $3 million as recently as last summer, have more than tripled because of a...
  • The uncut Clarabridge Interview on Customer Service Intelligence
    The Uncut Clarabridge Interview including part two as promised
    In 1981 a childhood dream became a reality for the present writer when he was selected to serve as the Weekend Anchor and writer-producer of the hour long public service program Perspective for WNOK in Columbia, South Carolina.The staff at WNOK at...
  • YMSSS Consulting
    Learn how to Launch, Grow, and Sustain Your Business with YMSSS Consulting!
    The Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree (YMSSS), DC's first women's secondhand/vintage clothing and accessories sip and shop expanded their brand in September 2013 by adding a consulting arm, dedicated to helping individuals launch, grow...
  • High Speed Rail Authority CEO Van Ark
    California High Speed Rail: Consultants Rally for High Speed Rail
    In the last several days, pressure has been building in anticipation of tomorrow’s meeting in Fresno where Representative John Mica will be discussing the topic of transportation. Mica, who chairs the Transportation and Infrastructure...
  • Business Consultants
    Business veterans form new company to help other businesses
    Newly formed Capitus Groupis acollection ofGreater Kansas City business and entrepreneurial veterans whowill be helping companies of all sizes with strategic planning and problem-solving.They will focus primarily on companies that are:in...
  • Association consultants work hard for the industry
    It may be a funny business, but management consultants offer serious solutions
    There are probably as many jokes about consultants as there are about lawyers – maybe more. There are so many, in fact, that the Institute of Management Consultants even maintains an online comment board where consultants can post humor, and...
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