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  • One body, one spirit
    E pluribus unum or connecting the disconnected
    Read Romans 12Read 1 Corinthians 12It is the 21st Century and churches across this country are struggling. Churches seem to be looking for identity.Christians are looking for identity. Some are just hoping the end will come soon because it seems...
  • Machines help keep technicians connected
    Machines help keep technicians in the loop
    Once upon a time, field service technicians had to wait for something to actually break before they even knew there was a problem to fix. Now technology has taken over certain areas of maintenance. Machines can now talk to each other and...
  • White House ConnectED Champions of Change
    President Obama honors educators as ConnectED Champions of Change
    President Obama honored ten educators from across the country today as White House Champions of Change. The ten educators were named as part of the president's ConnectED program which aims to bring high-speed internet to all students in the...
  • church
    Don't try this at home
    It was an eerie feeling as I pulled out of the church parking lot enroute to the post office that was just over 250 yards away. Yes, I could have walked it, but sometimes the bulk of what is in store for me justifies the short drive.On this day...
  • Connected
    Film Review: Dave Ash's 'Connected'
    A funny thing, technology; does anyone still feel connected by it? John Cooper doesn't. He performs his job skillfully, sees a shrink for his depression, and dutifully visits Facebook and other online outlets, but is it just loneliness he'...
  • Summer loves
    Clean Up Your Act this Summer!
    The Ayurvedic tradition tells us that the mind, body, and spirit all form one inseparable, indivisible unit. Yet, we persist in behaving as though we are compartments of being. We persist in doing without thought, without purpose. We wander...
  • Press on
    Finances and Fear: staying connected and courageous
    Unemployment and economic depressions are associated with increased rates of suicide and suicide attempts.In fact,aCenter for Disease Controlstudy from 2011discovered thatsuicide rates rise and fall with the economy. "Knowing suicides...
  • The Pittsburgh Film Industry Examiner Gets a New App
    Pittsburgh Film Industry - On the Go
    In an effort to better communicate with the readers of my Pittsburgh Film Industry Examiner articles, I have developed an Android app. The app is ad-free and available for free to all Android users; meaning that it generates absolutely no revenue...
  • Get Connected
    Staying Connected
    Staying connected is very important tool in our relationship with God. Both the Christian Life Center located on Galloway Rd. and The Philadelphia Christian Center on Street Road as well as many other churches offer Wednesday night prayer services...
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