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  • Star of Bethlehem: You seen it on Christmas cards and now you can see it in the night sky!
    Star of Bethlehem conjured up with conjunction of Venus and Jupiter this week
    Jupiter and Venus are lined up and offering a heavenly display in a celestial conjunction, which may be the same event that supplied the Star of Bethlehem for the three Wise Men. This event may have created that very bright star known in legend as...
  • August 31 2014 Moon Mars Saturn conjunction
    Want to impress your significant other watch a triple conjunction together
    Nature will be putting on a spectacle Sunday evening August 31 you don’t want to miss, a triple conjunction or grouping of the Moon, Saturn, and Mars.Tonight, if you look to the west south west tonight after sunset you will see two fairly...
  • This week Venus hugs Saturn and the Moon meets Jupiter
    This week Venus hugs Saturn and the Moon meets Jupiter
    If you are one of those up before sunrise, look to the east between the November 25 and 28 (2012). Venus will be passing very close to Saturn (closest on November 26-27). The best time to view is around 6:00am. If you look closely you can see...
  • October 3 2012 Venus Regulus conjunction
    Planet meets star in the predawn sky
    On Wednesday morning October 3 the bright star Regulus and the planet Venus will be within a third of a full moon of each other. That’s close enough to require a second look, and close enough to be seen together in binoculars or low power...
  • Venus and Jupiter almost at full conjunction
    Venus and Jupiter almost at full conjunction
    The skies over Naples cleared enough for about an hour around sunset this Sunday evening (March 11, 2012) for another look at the Jupiter-Venus conjunction (as I forecast, I might add). Tonight, the planets were almost there. Jupiter was only...
  • Mars and the Moon grace the eastern sky - March 7, 2012
    Venus and Jupiter in a fantastic planetary conjunction
    For the past few weeks the night sky has been putting on quite a show. This weekend, we can look for the culminating act as Jupiter and Venus position themselves just a scant 3 degrees apart. This positioning is such that a single finger held...
  • Look Up
    The Stars This Week: The Sun and the Moon
    The Sun conjuncts Neptune on Thursday the 17th. The combined energy sets off the rest of the week’s dreamy energy. Give romance a chance.On Friday the 18ththe sky blesses us with a bigger-than-life full Moon in Leo. Show your caring and...
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