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  • Tight clothes need a warning label
    Tight clothes need a warning label
    If you are thinking about wearing a tight corset to achieve a Scarlet O’Hara waistline, or working out in your skinny jeans, you might want to reconsider these actions. Wearing tight clothes could be hazardous to your health.For example,...
    Get your SKINS: Compression Activewear
    Whether you are training for your next marathon or looking to get more of out of your workout you should consider investing in a pair of SKINS. Workouts shouldn't leave you in pain but rather leaving you feeling energized! Dani Said the...
  • Pure Flow
    Erno Laszlo Offers Body Treatments: From Glow To Pure Flow
    The Erno Laszlo Institute, that temple to the complexion, is expanding its services to include two body treatments for its members. Both are the brain children of Pure Flow, the company behind power plate vibration platforms.One treatment, dubbed...
  • Save your data plan: Opera Max compresses app data as well as browser data
    Save your data plan: Opera Max compresses app data as well as browser data
    Opera's web browser is loved by many, and one of the nicer features of the app is its compression of data. That, however, has been limited to its browser, until now, and how many of us eschew browsers in favor of apps? (no answer is necessary)...
  • No-start diagnostics
    The basics of no-start diagnosis
    Fora seasoned veteran, or a backyard novice, no start diagnostics can be a frustrating experience. Whether you live here in the Northeast and it’s the middle of January, or if you live further south where the weather is balmy, a no start...
  • Fashion Anklets
    The Legs Are In!
    It's been a long time coming but FINALLY...the fashion world is focusing on the legs! We've seen it this Summer and the trend will follow right into the Fall.Designer anklets, knee hi's, couture thigh hi's and pantyhose are all...
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