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  • Constructive Wallowing
    Why wallowing or complaining may be good for you
    One recent book, with the paradoxical title Constructive Wallowing addresses the power of self-pity. Written by self-esteem expert and mental health counselor, Tina Gilbertson, it shows readers how to beat bad feelings by letting themselves have...
  • The Bible is the foundation of truth
    Do you complain or do you find a solution?
    We've been discussing neighbor relations and whether we should complain about them or find a solution to dealing with them.Finding a solution to dealing with difficult situations and especially with neighbors can be found through prayer rather...
  • When does venting turn into complaining?
    When does venting turn into complaining?
    As two friends are sitting and talking, one decides to vent about a situation they are having. After the conversation ends, moments later another friend comes up and the friend having the situation starts the discussion all over again. Later on...
  • David Archuleta performs 'Complain' live in Los Angeles (Video)
    David Archuleta performs 'Complain' live in Los Angeles (Video)
    David Archuleta, American Idol runner up and entertainer in his own right was in Los Angeles helping the Girl Up Pep Rally in LA event. The entertainer talked about the power of girls and spoke of his sisters and mom.Fans will be delighted to know...
  • Thank God for the beauty of nature. I to watch & listen to the water roll down over the rocks.
    Do you complain?
    How many of us give thanks to the Lord for everything in our lives. I mean literally everything. I know we should. We are told to but I’ll admit that I don’t. No matter how hard I try, there are times, I’m sorry to say that I don...