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  • Review: 'Drop the Needle: Boston Punk Anthology'
    Review: 'Drop the Needle: Boston Punk Anthology'
    There have been many hardcore and punk rock compilations released in recent years, mostly by small independent labels and longtime fans of the movement. Such releases—most of them transferred from battered old 7” records, lo-fi plastic...
  • The Punisher
    Russian bus driver is a road rage hero
    They call him “The Punisher”. Born Alexei Volkov, the Russian bus driver is famous in the city of Zelenograd for ramming motorists that cut him off. Better yet, Volkov records the smash-ups with a dashboard camera to maintain his...
  • Doomantia Bash happens Oct. 13 at Lallo's
    Benefit show and doom compilation aims to help Doomantia founder
    There's a saying that most of us are just one paycheck away from being homeless. In the case of Ed Barnard, mastermind behind the doom, sludge, psychedelic, stoner, sludge metal websiteDoomantia, it was a $10,000 medical bill.At last report on...
  • Album Cover
    The Light: A Tribute to the Music of J.J. Hayes
    The opening song to "The Light: A Tribute to the Music of J.J. Hayes" (which is a free album by the way) is covered by Ray Brown, haunting digital seagulls echo behind the guitar and vocals that reiterate "I don't dig you......
  • Rolling-Stones-2012
    Rolling Stones 'GRRR!' greatest-hits album will have two new studio songs
    The Rolling Stones have announced a greatest-hits album titled "GRRR!," and the album will have two new songs: "Gloom and Doom" and "One Last Shot." The album (whose cover depicts an angry gorilla, as illustrated by...
  • The Sun Will Rise: An Inter-Netlabel Compilation for Japanese Relief - Disc 2
    Cleveland group part of Japanese relief effort compilation
    Cleveland ambient, post-rock group earthbreather have released a track as part of a global netlabel effort to raise relief for Japan. The Sun Will Rise: An Inter-Netlabel Compilation for Japanese Relief was released on April 17th and is available...
  • Tomb Raider Trilogy
    Tomb Raider Trilogy
    Developed by Crystal Dynamics exclusively for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, this triple-pack of Lara Croft adventures includes Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary -- both newly remastered in HD quality -- as well as...
  • "Records to Ruin Any Party!" by Voodoo Rhythm Records
    Voodoo Rhythm Records releases third volume in compilation series
    After a rather productive and exciting 2010, independent Swiss label Voodoo Rhythm Records has kicked off the new year with a big ol’ compilation. Featuring twenty-one artists that have worked with the label over the years, this new...
  • Love Is Hopeless
    This Valentines Day... Love Is Hopeless
    Valentines Day has always been a holiday that people either really like or absolutely can't stand. Everyone has had a horrible experience on Valentines Day and Hopeless Records decided that this year whether you have someone or not they were...
  • Vintage-Vinos-cover
    Keith Richards solo compilation 'Vintage Vinos' arrives in U.S. on Nov. 2, 2010
    With all the media attention that Keith Richards’ memoir "Life" has been getting, another of his solo projects is getting a relatively quiet release around the time "Life" went on sale. Richards’ compilation album ...
  • 'Total Annihilation' album cover
    Annihilator Compilation Album Available For Free Download
    Earache Records, in conjunction with "Metal Hammer" magazine, is currently offering a free compilation album from Annihilator, one of the best Canadian metal bands of all time. 'Total Annihilation' contains 14 songs selected from...
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