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  • Learn from your dog
    Learn from your dog
    I recently said goodbye to my best friend of 15 years. He was short, furry and had 4 legs. We often think of friends, and how much they mean to us, but our four legged friends are some of the most precious relationships that we’ll ever have...
  • Nothing comes close, nothing compares to dolls
    Nothing comes close, nothing compares to dolls
    I was at mass this past weekend and during one of the prayers, I noticed, from the back of the church, there was an adult in search of a seat. As she got closer, I noticed a little girl trailing right behind her. And then I noticed that the little...
  • Kodlak Whitemane
    The Elder Scrolls V: Companions Faction Walkthrough Part 2 of 3
    It is now time to reveal the Companions biggest secret. When ready, head on over to Jorrvaskr, after finishing the quest, Proving Honor and sidequests until you are told that Skjor needs to talk to you. After speakin with him, you will have...
  • Jorrvaskr
    The Elder Scrolls V: Companions Faction Walkthrough Part 1 of 3
    Better known as the Skyrim replacement for Oblivion's Fighters Guild, The Companions has much to offer, including a few secrets. In order to get started, head down to the city of Whiterun to a building that looks like a flipped over Ark. The...
  • Little Angels
    You're Likely in a Crowd!
    If you are a genuine follower of Jesus Christ, it is quite likely that, most of the time, you are in a crowd (“two’s company and three’s a crowd”).I lately read about Jacob’s peaceful departure from his uncle and...
  • Pet Therapy that heals
    Healing hearts with paws of love
    It’s definitely that time of year again when the winter cold can chill you to the bone just walking to the mailbox outside. The logs on the fireplace and the radiant warmth fill the room. Imagine your spirits lift as your loving four legged...
  • Growing up.
    Should you adopt a cat or a kitten?
    When considering adopting a cat, it seems that most people would rather get a kitten than an adult cat. It makes sense; kittens haven’t yet developed their personalities so the general assumption is that they grow into the families they live...
  • Meaning of life
    Is it ok that we are more friends than lovers?
    Many couples who have been together for a good amount of time, have found that they become more friends than lovers. Having a good friendship within a relationship is a great thing. This will allow a couple to enjoy each others company and they...
  • United we Stand
    Mutual Love, Brotherhood and Unity - History Repeats Itself after 1400 Years
    Whereas there is stress on “Love FOR ALL; hatred for none” in Islam, the emphasis on mutual brotherhood and love within the Muslim Community cannot be stressed enough in words. God says in the Quran: “And He has put affection...
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