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Rain expected for US Half Marathon on Sunday, Nov. 6

November 3, 2011
If you or your friends are headed to San Francisco this weekend, be prepared for possible traffic delays and street closures. The US Half Marathon will take place this Sunday, Nov. 6, in San Francisco.This weekend promises to be...

Ride your bike in protest!

October 30, 2011
There are protests galore at present and there does'nt seem to be an end in sight. It all started with Occupy Wallstreet and has spread globally withmany a non-plussed and chagrined city councils and police...

Tardy Due to Traffic

June 26, 2011
Everyone in the DC metropolitan area is aware that if your commute is 15 minutes during non rush hour, it will actually take you anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour in rush hour traffic. Sun glare, rubber necking, traffic...

Friday Morning Weather/Travel Report

January 21, 2011
The winter weather pushed into the Bay State in the early morning hours and depending upon where you are, the snow as of right now, 5:45 a.m., is coming down hard.Several New England communities, according to the...

New York Transit Grinds to a Halt After Flash Storm

September 16, 2010
Strong winds, lightening, and heavy hail pummeled the New York region Thursday as New Yorkers struggled through their afternoon commute. Heavy winds uprooted trees in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and Long Island, leaving streets obstructed and highways impassable. Penn...

Veterinarian escapes death in the worst work commute ever

June 13, 2010
When preparing to move to Southern California, the notorious Los Angeles work commute was one the strongest apprehensions I had about my new lifestyle. Fortunately, I fashioned my professional responsibilities and social activities to occur within a reasonable distance from...

City Council invites Nickerson St. comments: Part II

June 9, 2010
Local residents as well as representatives from bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations spoke on behalf of the proposal. Lisa Quinn, Executive Director of Feet First praised the city for the plan stating "critics of the West Nickerson Street proposal...