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  • Goldilocks
    Commentary: The Goldilocks effect
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t get taken in by the buzzword du jour? Attaching too firmly to the current version of reality can be like putting on blinders. Even adhering too closely to a definition can lead anyone astray. Case in...
  • Fitz from Cracker
    Looking at Robby Coltrane's nihilist detective (pt. 1)
    In the first episode of the Granda crime drama Cracker the character Dr. Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald (played by Robbie Coltrane) listens on a pay telephone to a horse race and mutters to himself as his horse fails to place. It turns out...
  • Sherlock
    Sherlock truly is masterpiece theatre
    Roanoke fans of Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary sleuth Sherlock Holmes should skip Robert Downey Jr.’s big budget messes. The name to know is Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch. He stars as Holmes in the splendid BBC Masterpiece Theatre...
  • Columbo
    Falk's Columbo legacy on DVD
    Though silver screen star Peter Falk left us on June 23rd, his nearly sixty years of film and television performances will live on beyond his 83 years. The two time Academy Award nominee is best remembered for his four time Emmy winning role of...
  • Peter Falk's death sparks statement from LAPD
    Peter Falk's death sparks statement from LAPD
    Just how popular was Peter Falk? Even though the character he played on "Columbo" was a fictional detective, the actor's death has still led to a statement being released by the LAPD.Specifically, the department claims that they are...
  • Peter Falk as Columbo
    Peter Falk, who played Columbo, dies
    Most of the students and the teacher at The Way of Life Bible Institute in Richmond, Virginia grew up watching Peter Falk in his legendary role as Columbo even though he starred in other roles.Peter Falk died Thursday, June 23, 2011 at his home in...
  • Columbo's Peter Falk succombs to Alzheimer's at 83
    Columbo's Peter Falk succombs to Alzheimer's at 83
    Peter Falk, died at 83 on June 23, 2011. Falk was an actor best known for his role as Lieutenant Columbo in the television series Columbo, although he appeared in numerous films and had television guest roles as well.From an early age Falk had a...
  • Peter Falk, star of 'Columbo' has died
    Columbo actor, Peter Falk, dies at 83
    San Francisco residents are saddened tonight to hear the newsthat Peter Falk, the oft-rumpled star of Columbo, has died.Peter Falk was 83.San Francisco resident, Donal Witham, says, "I was a huge fan and watched every episode. He always came...
  • Peter  Falk, Connecticut Native, Dead At 83
    Milestone: Columbo Passes; Peter Falk Dead At 83
    The Associated Press has just reported that actor Peter Falk has died. "Columbo" was his magnum opus performance, a tour de force of acting which fused humanity, humor and a non-violent approach to cop shows in an era when graphic...
  • Peter Falk 'Columbo' Star dies at 83
    Peter Falk 'Columbo' star dies at 83
    Actor Peter Falk has passed away at age 83. KTLA reports the "Columbo" star died at his home in Beverly Hills June 23.His daughter, Catherine Falk, says her father had been suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease. In 2009, a...
  • 'Columbo' star Peter Falk dead at 83
    'Columbo' star Peter Falk dead at 83
    One of the biggest names in all of crime TV history has passed away. Legendary actor Peter Falk -- best known for his role on "Columbo" despite starring in a number of other feature films over the course of his career -- died after a...
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