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  • 7 Amazing Picture Books for Young Readers
    7 Amazing Picture Books for Young Readers
    Every pregnant mom should have at least one friend who buys books and books and books for the soon-to-be-here baby. You can never read too much or too early to a baby and having lots of books to choose from makes the reading process so much fun....
  • "m-DNA eve 3" (2013) by Ashley Bickerton
    Artist combines Eastern and Western themes with work at Lower East Side gallery
    The Lehmann Maupin Gallery on the Lower East Side is currently featuring an exhibition of new works by Ashley Bickerton for his fourth solo show at the gallery. His latest body of work includes several eccentric and colorful portraits of women...
  • Nokia's UK Twitter
    Apple accused of copying Nokia's colorful smart phones
    Apple may have been trying to impress buyers with the rainbow of colors they introduced earlier today, but it sounds like the new products are being received with mixed reviews. While some people love the pop of color, others are thinking that...
  • "Chatta Island" by Erik Parker
    Erik Parker's bright, psychedelic landscapes fill Chelsea gallery
    The Paul Kasmin Gallery is currently presenting Bye Bye Babylon, a show featuring 11 new landscape paintings by Erik Parker that include scenes of jungles, beaches, trails, and other scenes of nature. Parker paints these scenes with bright neon...
  • Spacious Sweden apartment with mesmerizing design features
    Spacious Sweden apartment with mesmerizing design features
    This gorgeous apartment home is located in Stockholm’s Artsy Birkastan neighborhood. The residence features its own entrance with generous open space on a split-level with a private patio; this is a calm oasis in the middle of the pulse. The...
  • Eleminis
    Card game review: Eleminis is bright, simple fun
    Eleminis is a cute, colorful card game that strikes a rare balance between enthralling strategy for adults and gameplay that's easy for children to learn, making it worth your money in more ways than one.Two or more players begin drawing one...
  • 51 Most inspiring Moroccan style interiors
    51 Most inspiring Moroccan style interiors
    From the light fixtures to the tilework, Moroccan design is all about the finishing touches. Moroccan style home decorating invites rich colors of Middle Eastern interiors, dynamic contrasts, traditional patterns and uniqueness of Moroccan...
  • Incredibly colorful apartment interiors in Madrid
    Incredibly colorful apartment interiors in Madrid
    Welcome to an apartment that inspires joyful living. Invaded by color, this place features so many beautiful details that we found it hard not to enjoy each and every photo in detail. Having a privileged location in the attic of a downtown...
  • "Yellow and Red Landscapes"
    Illustrious portraits and landscape paintings in Chelsea
    The Daniel Reich Gallery is presenting an exhibition of new paintings by Tyson Reeder. The paintings in this exhibition represent a breakthrough in Reeder’s style as they resemble folk and outsider art.Many of Reeder's paintings are...
  • Universal Contemplation
    Vivid and dynamic paintings highlight the Agora Gallery
    The Agora Gallery in Chelsea is showcasing an exhibition of paintings titled Labyrinth of Color, featuring works by Dominique Boutaud, Claire Champy, Cary Griffiths, Chad Redl, and Ford Weisberg. What these works have in common is that each artist...
  • Hibiscus
    Edible Mother's Day flowers
    Flowers don’t just have to be beautiful to look at, many are also edible and make wonderful decorations for you dishes. Flowers can be candied, made into jams, flower waters, and a multitude of other things. However, if you’re not...
  • Dare to wear tights
    Dare to wear tights
    The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the pants are flying back into the drawer. Yes, spring has sprung. But so too have the colorless legs that have been hibernating beneath your bluejeans for the past five months! But just because...
  • Makeup review: Bitch-Slap Cosmetics
    Makeup review: Bitch-Slap Cosmetics
    For many of you, you may have not heard of Bitch-Slap Cosmetics.Bitch-Slap Cosmetics is a makeup line that was founded by a woman named Kathy Cervantes.Kathy is known by many as The Master ofMakeup. She is amazing. Her skills as a makeup artist...
  • Just another weekend in and around Austin, Texas
    Just another weekend in and around Austin, Texas
    Scenes captured in Austin at Eeyore's Birthday party and SpringFest at the Hill Country Galleria in Bee Caves.
  • The colors of Austin, Texas
    The colors of Austin, Texas
    Colorful images captured around Austin, Texas that highlight the city's vibrant and funky attitude.
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