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  • Out And Back In Again
    Zephyr Dance provides Immerisve Experience at the Defibrillator Gallery
    If you've not seen Zephyr Dance perform in the past, this is the ideal opportunity to introduce yourself to what they're all about. Zephyr premieres Out and Back in Again: an immersive environment of movment, sound and image, October 4-6...
  • Andy Grove - Intel
    Leaders have a 'low resistance to change'
    If one believes the experts and pundits, change is a relatively new concept. Undoubtedly, technological advancements fueled by the improvements in computing power, communication technologies, and in transportation and logistical systems, have...
  • Eric Ashby
    Near fatal injury inspires musician to dedicate his talent to God
    Ten years ago music artist Eric Ashby endured the darkest days of his life, but that darkness led him into the light of God's presence.Ashby was stabbed in the stomach two weeks after being struck by a car. The two unrelated events occurred in...
  • ABC
    So now what?
    The previous article in this series focused on five basic thinking skills that might explain the explosive tendencies of some explosive kids. Determining which of the skills may be lacking with the explosive child you’re thinking of is a...
  • Collaborative Success
    Ten tips for collaborative startup success
    It takes a great entrepreneur with a great vision to start a business, but it takes a collaboration of many people to make it a success. That’s where leadership comes in as a key ingredient, to drive the collaborative process to make the...
  • Obligations tending
    Chicago Local Policy: "Adjoining the Circumstances of Energy Bills".
    In relation, quietly--- is in an association to intentions for the blatant recourses of the dystrophy of a rebellious state in Chicago’s bordering provinces. Creativity of underling the present tone of sameness of the United courses of...
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