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  • Plastic-covered greenhouse21
    Four herbs you can grow at home that are good for your brain
    There is a special type of herb you can grow at home that will help keep your brain healthy -- these substances are known as nootropics, and they are a fantastic way to improve your memory and enhance your overall cognitive performance. In...
  • Get up it’s spring finals brain food
    Get up it’s spring finals brain food
    When you’re in college some things take the back burner and can’t come before passing your exams and classes. The idea is to be comfortable and something easy to put together for those long nights of cramming knowledge, sitting at the...
  • smoking cessation
    Hypnotic smoking cessation improves cognitive skills
    Being a smoker puts one at risk of having their brain lose its cognitive skills. These necessary skills are what help to master everyday learning. Without them the learning stops. Once the learning stops then some people give-up quickly because...
  • It's never too late to learn
    Language programs may delay Alzheimer's
    Women may decrease the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease by learning a second language, according to new scientific research that suggests being bilingual improves cognitive skills (Smart Planet).Dementia and Alzheimer’s are...
  • Brain neurons during processing
    Student Cognitive Preparation for Success
    School principal Mr. A greets the student in the morning boosting their energy and motivation with jokes and smile. The faces were not smiling, heads down and their walking pattern is very confused. He stopped Alice and asked, are you sleepy? The...
  • soy
    Soy offers no benefits for memory
    Researchers find supplemental soy appears no help for cognitive memoryPast studies have shown that isoflavone rich soy protein improves cognitive function and protects against degenerative diseases of the brain may not be true according to a new...
  • Sunset
    Work Out Your Optimistic Muscle with One Thinking Exercise
    Have you ever had a friend tell you how bad it is? If so, there is a good chance that you were slightly apathetic to his sorrows that may have revolved around gas prices, relationship problems, pet obedience challenges, or the world’s...
  • Portrait of a senior
    Lewy Body Dementia
    The Second Most Progressive Dementia Find Out What it is How it Can Be Helped Lewy body dementia the second most progressive form after Alzheimer's disease. Dementia with lewy bodies is defined by abnormal deposits of protein called alpha...
  • Puppets, beanbags, musical instruments, and sports equipment are useful during play dates for kids with autism.
    Play date activities help children with autism learn social, emotional skills
    Participating in play dates can help children with autism gain invaluable social skills. The best way for children on the autism spectrum to learn how to manage their emotions and make friends is to practice those skills over and over with their...
  • resized_Family_Photo_2_140.JPG
    Wings of Our Children's Pureness
    Why is it that an adult may lose their innocence when it comes to how we relate to others? We respond to others in a demeaning manner, yell when others may not understand our view points, hit our children because we are having a bad day, debate...
  • 230px-MS_Demyelinisation_CD68_10xv2.jpg
    Enrollment begins for new phase IIIb clinical trial for MS treatment Tysabri
    Demyelinization by MS -- WikipediaBiogen, with their partner Elan, have now started enrollment for the next phase clinical trial for treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) and Tysabri.The companies have signed up the first of what is expected to be...
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