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  • Makeup Eraser
    Makeup Eraser
    I haven’t left the house without putting on makeup since I was 16 years old. Dolling up each morning as soon as my feet hit the floor became a mindless routine. The chore of scrubbing it all off at night was also routine. After all these...
  • Author and craftswoman, Cassandra Ellis, wrote Cloth
    The book Cloth is about much more than simply craft
    Just recently Lifestyle Examiner was granted the opportunity the review a new book from author and craftswoman Cassandra Ellis called Cloth. Today we present an interview with the author who explains her process and craft.Q.: Your book is...
  • Man of the cloth
    What is meant by 'man of the cloth'?
    When referring to ministers sometimes people say, "man of the cloth." What's the origin of this phrase and what does it mean?According to Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins by William and Mary Morris:"A man of the...
  • Baby in Cloth Diaper
    Evolution of Diapering
    Picture a mother bent over her cooing and kicking naked baby as she gently slides a white cotton diaper under the bottom and pins it into place. Now if I told you this same mother was also scrolling through her email on her iPhone at the same time...
  • Jayrun3(3).jpg
    Pop Lock and Shop It at The London this Sunday
    Jayrun Designers and sistersThis Sunday I spent some time at The London, on the roof top, enjoying the part II of the Pop Lock andSHOP Itextravaganza, which was also up and moving on Saturday. I ran into Heather Petrey, a friend and writer for...
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