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  • The iHome iBT28GC Color Changing Dual Alarm iHome’s Wireless Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock Radio will wake you up
    Wake Up With iHome’s Wireless Color Changing Clock Radio Dual Alarm Clock Radio
    Cell phones have changed the way we live, but not the way we wake up — really, who wants to hear the tiny speaker of a cell trying to make getting up at 5 or 6 AM enjoyable. So while it might not be chic, clock radios continue to proliferate...
  • Daylight savings time ending? Utah may not fall back anymore
    Daylight savings time ending? Utah may stop clock time shift, fall back no more
    Daylight savings time is ending this November 2 in the middle of the night (2 am to be precise), but Utah may soon stop the clock time shift and “fall back” for the last time. While this national shift has been a longtime tradition for...
  • CDs made into a clock
    Clock made from CD
    Left over CDs or old CDs from advertising have many uses. This clock face is a simple craft that can easily be made into a craft for children or a beautiful canvas for the mixed media artist.Supplies needed will be: a battery operated clock,...
  • Sotheby offers 'Important Watches and Clocks' in annual spring sale
    Sotheby offers 'Important Watches and Clocks' in annual spring sale
    Sotheby’s New York is presenting a sale of Important Watches and Clocks as part of its annual spring auction sale. The sale will offer a selection of some of the finest wristwatches, pocket watches, clocks, and other fancy timepieces coming...
  • Bell Telephone Clock and Map
    Pittsburgh Area Attractions: Bell Telephone Clock and Map
    There was a time when the people of Pittsburgh who wanted a telephone would have to visit the New Bell Telephone building on Stanwix Street. Those who went there could get a phone, phone book, phone number and arrange a date for their phone...
  • Kaufmann's Clock
    Pittsburgh Area Attractions: Kaufmann’s Clock
    Located on the corner of Smithfield Street and Fifth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh is a device that has been informing people walking around Pittsburgh the precise time of day for over a hundred years. It’s known as the Kaufmann’s...
  • Stafford-Brees
    Refs botch clock at end of New Orleans Saints - Detroit Lions game
    There’s no question it wouldn’t have mattered, but the game officials messed up at the conclusion of Saturday night’s playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and Detroit Lions.The Saints were leading 45-28 andwith two minutes...
  • clock
    Don't let the daylight savings time change affect your Monday Bay Area commute
    The end of daylight savings time happens this week. It is time to 'fall back' one hour.Make sure you set your clocks back one hour on Sunday morning so you will have the right start to next week and that your commute to work will be on...
  • On tme clock
    Never be late again with this new invention
    Some people are punctually challenged and are always late. They have a habit of chronic tardiness.Companies in Richmond, Virginia report that some employees have a problem reporting to work on time. The tardiness ranges from a few minutes late to...
  • Sonic Bomb with Shaker
    Heavy sleepers awake: The Sonic Bomb alarm clock is the solution
    San Francisco is filled with charming and iconic noises from cable cars clanging by to the streetcars that constantly rumble in the background. For the residents of The City at night, it is common to regularly sleep through these symphonies of...
  • Daylight Saving Time goes into effect tonight
    Daylight Saving Time goes into effect tonight
    It's that time of the year when we move clocks forward one hour, which means one hour less of sleep tonight but more daylight to enjoy.The official change is made at 2 am local time Sunday morning, but everyone is advised to make that change...
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