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  • Green kitchen cleaners
    Green kitchen cleaners
    Green kitchen is good for the environment, but it is also a good way to keep your cleaning costs down. Environmentally friendly cleaners are usually made from cheap ingredients that most people already have around their house. Furthermore, green...
  • PhoneSoap
    PhoneSoap charges and cleans your devices
    A quick disclaimer, this is not for the faint of heart.That cell phone you are holding in your hand is 18 times dirtier than the public toilet you refused to use last week.Each square inch of your mobile device contains about 25,000 germs.Other...
  • Let a personal maid clean your computer screen and keyboard: Meet Molly
    Let a personal maid clean your computer screen and keyboard: Meet Molly
    Having a computer screen cleaner and keyboard duster is a great way to add color and expression to your desk. It is a great accessory to add to your workspace.This cute little tool is like having your own personal maid at your fingertips. However,...
  • EmerginC Multi-Fruit Cleanser
    EmerginC Multi-Fruit Cleanser
    EmerginC uses a concentration of Vitamin C in every product to help revitalize the skin naturally. This Multi-Fruit Cleanser doesn't contain soap, but guess contains vitamin C! This gentle cleanser won't dry out your skin, but...
  • Cleaning Supplies
    Make your own tile and soap scum cleaner
    Sustainable living is about having harmony with the environment along with keeping your home on budget and your lifestyle healthy and happy. Spray cans of pressurized chemicals used to clean your bathroom tiles and remove soap scum can add...
  • Oranges
    Prepper tips: How to turn orange peels into natural all purpose cleaner!
    One of the aspects of Prepping that is important is getting the most use out of the items you have. Want to learn how to make a natural all-purpose cleaner?After you eat an orange don't throw away the peels! Collect them in a jar with a lid...
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