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  • Ecorse High class celebrates bittersweet 35-year reunion
    Ecorse High class celebrates bittersweet 35-year reunion
    The class of 1978 of Ecorse High School was one of the most decorated classes to graduate from the halls of EHS. With 163 graduates on commencement day, about a quarter of the alumni showed up for the 35th Class Reunion, October 4-6 weekend, at...
  • East Harlem boy suicide over bullying
    Joel Morales East Harlem suicide over bullying, mother sues boys and DOE
    The New York Post is reporting today that the mother of a 12-year-old boy, who committed suicide last year because he was being bullied, is suing the Department Of Education. Police say, Joel Morales was found hanging in the shower by his mother...
  • Wedding bands
    Dreams don't tell white lies
    Our Dreamer Writes:Dear Carolyn,I can’t imagine why I would dream of a girl I knew so long ago. I’ll call her Carla. And back when I knew her in junior high school, I didn’t like her that much. She hung around on the edge of my...
  • Welcome Back!
    The Dreaded High School Reunion
    High school reunions often trigger a mixture of different feelings and emotions. Many start obsessing about their looks and weight, life decisions, and even their choice in spouse.A common fear is that most aren’t anywhere in life that they...
  • Tagging along with a classmate
    A salute to the friendships of Booker T. Washington class of 1958
    High school friendshipsoften take on a deeper meaning as the years pass. The opportunity to experience this rather unique phenomenon taking place can be fascinating. Most significantly, you found yourself in the midst of this happening as you...
  • Classmates no longer need
    Is still there?
    You may have gotten the email again lately, too. has some messages from high school friends left just for you! If you will only upgrade from your free membership to a gold membership, then you can read them! All you need to do is...