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  • Walmart ordered to pay $188 million to employees by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
    Class actions lawsuits in America: To the victors, the spoils
    Class action lawsuits are effective device for civil litigation. They are, however, becoming more frivolous and out of control in America.Walmart, an American discount retailer, is the darling of thrifty customers and the most visible success in...
  • Facebook sued In Class action Lawsuit
    Facebook Sued in Canadian Class Action Lawsuit
    A class action lawsuit has been recently launched in the Ontario Superior Court against Facebook. The lawsuit declares that Facebook illegally intercepted and scanned private messages of many of the users, without their prior knowledge or consent...
  • Elona Biotechnologies
    Receiver appointed to handle funds in foreclosure suit against Greenwood company
    A receiver has been chosen to handle the assets of failing Greenwood pharmaceutical company, Elona Biotechnologies, according toThe Indianapolis Star. Johnson County Superior Court Judge Lance Hamner appointed Bernadette Barron of Barron Business...
  • Air Transat
    Air Transat class action alleges misrepresentation of airline taxes
    Air Transat, Canada’s largest charter and holiday travel operator, joins the airlines being sued in British Columbia under the province’s Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act over alleged misrepresentation of taxes on an...
  • Coty under fire over Rimmel mascara
    Coty under fire over Rimmel mascara
    Cosmetics giant Coty is the latest company to face a pending lawsuit. Just two days ago news spread that Coty was under scrutiny for a mascara that is part of the Rimmel line. The Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara advertises that with regular...
  • Papa John's Pizza
    Papa John's Pizza sued for text message spam
    Papa John’s pizza may have to push more than just an extra order of breadsticks to cover the potential losses from a pending lawsuit.A large group of Papa John’s customers has successfully filed a class action lawsuit against the pizza...
  • SoftPanel ballistic body armor from NASA spinoff - contains no Zylon
    When body armor fails
    While body armor is more of a technology than a gadget - it may usually be considered a life saving device. In the case of the Second Chance body armor class action suit the word usually is emphasized. The class action suit potential money payout...
  • Van Irion
    Dismissal of one Obamacare complaint good news for another
    ‘This reasoning would allow Congress to order all Americans to buy a car, join a health club, eat certain food, take certain vitamins, etc.’CHATTENOOGA, Tenn. – On Nov. 4, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Curtis L. Collier, a...
  • Class action lawsuit against the MERS system for mortgage holding
    Class action lawsuit against the MERS system for mortgage holding
    A class action lawsuit by citizens vs MERS and numerous banks depicting fraud and unfair practices has been filed in the state courts of Kentucky. This Class Action Suit is the best summary of the way foreclosure fraud works, how huge profits are...
  • Wall_Street.jpg
    Private parties cannot sue for Investment Company Act violations
    In a decision filed August 12, 2010, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that private parties cannot bring lawsuits under Section 13(a) of the Investment Company Act of 1940. That section generally requires an investment company to obtain...
  • Pampers logo
    Pampers class action lawsuit blames new Cruisers with Dry Max for diaper rash
    Two class action lawsuits have been filed against Pampers, made by Proctor & Gamble (P&G), over their newest diaper brand. Pampers Cruisers, which were released in a new design earlier this year, are being blamed for an outbreak of...
  • El Torito Restaurant
    Class action status denied in overtime wage lawsuit against El Torito Restaurants
    In an opinion published on April 6, 2010, a California Court of Appeal affirmed a decision of the Los Angeles Superior Court denying a motion to certify a class action lawsuit against El Torito Restaurants, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that salaried...
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